Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Most Intelligent WAN routing algorithm on the Market!

XRoads Networks offers their customers with cutting edge technology, which incorporates no less than 11 sophisticated algorithms that are designed for routing traffic between multiple networks. They offer the most intelligent WAN routing algorithm available in the market and can combine multiple broadband links, which not only increase throughput, but also ensure faster speed for applications that require high bandwidth speeds.

Best Path Routing

XRoads Networks offers solutions that incorporate MVP Routing technology, along with the Best Path Routing module. The MVP Routing allows the traffic to use the network, which offers the best latency and therefore, ensures that all WAN links are available. Using this technology, the best path is determined and traffic moves along the path that has been chosen for the link. In case there is network failure on the determined path, the traffic will then be routed towards the next best path.
This will ensure that your network applications will not be redundant and the response-times delivered to your end users will also increase. Your productivity will increase, since there were be minimal downtime for all the critical applications of your business, and you will gain the advantage of the automated network failover as well.

Application Routing

The best part about MVP Routing is that it will allow you to check specific types of applications, and will also ensure that traffic can pass through the specific WAN interface. This will also mean that there will be no end-user traffic, while you will get the right traffic, which will be determined through the Best Path Routing on all the applications that require routing policies.
There are a couple of routing methods that are used along with the latest WAN routing algorithms. They include the following algorithm metrics:
·         Administrative Weighting (Per Path)
·         Current Latency (Per Path)
·         Current Utilization (Per Path)
·         Available Link Rate
The Multi Vector Priority Routing algorithm has been designed to offer 2 basic services:
·         Reliability assurance (in case one path falls)
·         Dynamic network load balancing (across multiple paths)
Vector Routing generally uses different metrics in order to find out whether the network sessions can be routed all across the active links. It will not use simple load-balancing solutions and will perform a combination of 11 different network aggregation algorithms that will help in determining the next best path for all outbound connections. Here is some of the intelligent vector routing algorithm options:
·         Least used adaptive weighting
·         BPR latency based
·         BPR packet loss based
·         BPR jitter based
·         Persistence based
·         Application based
·         Prioritization based
·         Multi-session based
·         Active spill-over
·         Standard weighted
·         Basic round robin

The Intelligent Vector Routing Algorithm

The recommended method for determining the best path balancing through the intelligent vector routing algorithm is by the dynamic use of real-time metric information, which will determine the best possible route for any new session traffic.

Optimizing Internet Routing Using Multiple Internet Paths

Businesses today need to optimize their internet routing using multiple internet paths. It allows them to access internet sessions across multiple WAN links, and increases the overall bandwidth that is available to them on that network. It also ensures faster connectivity through link balancing and offers several advantages, which are then utilized in the system resources and manipulates the dynamic routes to optimize WAN utilization.
Here are just some of the advantages that you can acquire by optimizing the internet routing using multiple internet paths:

Faster Download Speeds

In order to enhance the performance of your network, you will have to optimize your internet routing. This can be achieved through intelligent multi-WAN routing, which balances the traffic across satellite, wireless, DSL, cable, T1 and a host of other WAN connectivity products. This will increase the download speed, email transfers, access to database, and access to the web. At the same time, you will be lowering the costs of your broadband connections.

100% Uptime

By optimizing your internet routing with multiple internet paths, you can achieve more online availability and uptime for your business. This means that you will have 0 downtime and the network users and inbound connections to your business services will be uninterrupted. If your business is dependent upon your internet connections, it is vital that you optimize your internet routing.

Balancing of Inbound/Outbound

You will also be able to find a balance in your network between inbound and outbound networking. You will have a faster and more reliable internet connection, and the balance in the connections will allow you to deliver complete solutions to your clients easily.

Best Path Routing

Your business needs to perform at optimum levels in order to meet the demands of your customers, which is why the optimization of internet routing through multiple internet paths is so important for the organization. The best path routing option will allow you to determine the balance of the network sessions and ensure that new sessions don’t put additional loads on the overall network utilization.

Session Persistence

Lots of businesses face problems with session persistence, since they often lose the connection to the session due to overload. However, by learning how to optimize internet routing with multiple internet paths, you will be able to gain session persistence easily. This will allow your business to function properly and you will be able handle file downloads and web-hosted applications conveniently.

Multiple Level Outage Detection

Outage detection is important, since it will notify you of network failures and will ensure that you find the best local gateway router for your service network. It is fast, reliable and ensures maximum security and performance for your business at the same time.

Internet Link Balancing

Intelligent Multi-WAN routing will ensure that your network connectivity remains balanced and you are able to provide high quality services without glitches. You will achieve greater reliability in your services and your customers will not have to face any downtime as well.

Optimizing BGP Deployments – Improving BGP Performance via Dynamic Session Routing

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Optimization can enhance the critical applications of your business by selecting the most appropriate path for all the BGP links that are available. XRoads can help improve your business’s performance by ensuring that you get the very best from dynamic session routing in order to increase the throughput by nearly 200% and delaying future bandwidth upgrades by deploying various BGP Optimization techniques.

The dynamic session routing techniques can enhance internet connectivity by making it faster, more scalable, and more responsive. This increases the productivity of your business and ensures that you are saving time by reducing IT costs and ending user complaints as well. The uniqueness of the BGP dynamic session routing ensures that you gain superior performance for your business compared to other solutions, which also require BGP route modification.

The Border Gateway Patrol (BGP) deployments will analyze the network and ensure that the SLA metrics have provided you with the best path for faster internet connectivity. It will check all the available network connections and then test the date, which will have the information about the accessibility and performance of any available paths to the remote points. The dynamic session routing performance will work wonders for your business, as it will ensure that you are able to not only get the best possible internet connection, but also avoid any complaints from your customers.
The dynamic session routing system will choose the best possible path by optimizing the session, without actually modifying the BGP routes. It will therefore eliminate the need for any potential BGP tables and will ensure that superior performance is delivered to the business. There will also be no need for other BGP route modifications, and you will be able to leverage the data that has been gathered from all the individual BGP proxy devices.

It is essential that you take advantage of dynamic session routing in order to increase the performance of your BGP, since it will make network connections faster of your business. Therefore, data transfer and client requests are taken care of immediately and there is no lag or holdup in any service that is delivered to potential customers. It will not only help your business gain a good reputation in the industry, but will also ensure that you are in fact able to launch your brand in other markets effortlessly. The dynamic session routing will select the best available network connection and will then form a path which will keep the connection solid and there will be no disturbance or delay in network.

It will also take into account traffic flows and will therefore guide you in the proper manner with the most appropriate path for your network. This way you will be able to have a seamless network connection without experiencing any problem regarding the services that you are offering to your consumers. Optimizing BGP deployments is a great way to make sure that you are delivering the best services to third parties and your customers with dynamic session routing.

New UBM10s Appliance – XRoads Networks Releases New UBM10s Intelligent Multi Wan Firewall Appliance!

The UBM10s solution has been released by XRoads networks in order to help small businesses with intelligent WAN security features, Multi WAN optimization, and dynamic traffic shaping. The UBM10s will truly transform the business operations of a company and you are likely to get solid firewall protection, malware and anti-virus suppression, prevention and intrusion detection along with content filtering as well. It is recommended for all businesses that have a platform that sustains throughput rates of nearly 100Mbps.
If you are looking to acquire a solution for your business that will help take your business to the next level, then you are in luck, as the new UBM10s appliance will offer you the following incentives:
·         Intelligent WAN Security
·         Easy Management and Integration
·         Multi WAN Connectivity
·         Best Path Routing along with SLA Reporting
·         Network Reporting
Get comprehensive solutions for your business with the help of the new UBM10s appliance that will transform your business solutions completely. Here are just some of the benefits your small business can gain from the UBM10s appliance:

Intelligent WAN Security

The UBM10s have got built-in packet level firewalls that offer malware, content and anti-virus filtering as well as IDS/IPS support for all the critical applications that your business has.

Easy Management and Integration

The UBM10s appliance is extremely easy to manage and integrate into your business systems with a built-in transparent mode during installation and also have a simple web-based configuration along with reporting features. It will truly allow your business to become highly functional.

Multi WAN Connectivity

There are other firewall products that can offer your business with good solutions, but the UBM10s appliance is no slouch and has exceptional features to offer. The UBM10s was initially designed to provide businesses with the Multi WAN connectivity. It incorporates the intelligent WAN routing feature offered by XRoads in order to improve functionality and for automated network redundancy and optimal application routing as well.

Best Path Routing along with SLA Reporting

The UBM10s appliance has also got the adaptive Best Path Routing technology offered by XRoads. It will constantly monitor all the critical remote sites and will also offer real-time SLA metrics that can update the routing tables after looking at the performance of the WAN link.

Network Reporting

Another critical aspect of the traffic shaping appliance, known as the UBM10s, is reporting accurately on the network. It will check to see if the network administrator policies are in the best interest of the business and will create new policies for the business as well. The UMB10s appliance includes both the custom user-defined as well as the caned reports. All these network reports are also updated in real-time to ensure that the business remains updated at all times.

The UMB10s appliance by XRoads is a real game-changer for small businesses, since it allows them to not only expand their services, but also ensure that the existing services offered by the business are running at optimum levels.

Why Every Business Customer Needs Network Redundancy?

Businesses today have extremely high-tech and high speed networks, and it is vital that businesses design backups in case there is a failure in the main link. Network redundancy is extremely simple; it is basically designing a secondary means of access in case of failure in any of your networks. The first thing that you have to do is plan for a way to ensure that your network redundancy is working and you are able to complete every single task on time.

Every major business needs to provide high quality and efficient services to their customers and in this day and age, customer experience counts for a lot. The customer services that a business offers to their consumers ensure their success, and that is where network redundancy comes in hand. A business that doesn’t have network redundancy for their customers will ultimately be unable to offer their customers with 24 hour quality services.

Network redundancy for customers ensures that they are able to access the services and products of the business without experiencing any downtime. If the customer tries to acquire a service and is unable to do so because of network failure, then they will simply move on to the next service provider. Time is money, and customers are keen to only use the services of businesses that can provide them with network redundancy.

Therefore, it is critical that your business designs a formidable network redundancy program so that they don’t have to apologize to their consumers for any drastic downtimes and measures. There are numerous protocols and redundancy programs, which can provide you with great failovers in case of data loss or network failures. It also helps in keeping the costs down, since the business is still running and doesn’t lose out in sales or potential customers in the future as well.

In the competitive business industry of today, it is imperative that your business stands out from the rest with great network redundancy for customers. Doing so will allow you to provide exemplary services to your customers and therefore make a name for your brand in the market. Researchers have found that customers are more likely to do business with a brand, which offers them consistent quality in services and has also got network redundancy for their customers.
This should tell you all that you need to know about network redundancy and its importance. Network redundancy can ensure that all the systems are running at all times in the event of disasters as well. The data will also be backed up and saved, so you will not be losing any valuable information regarding the customers and the services that have been delivered to them. It is critical that businesses develop network redundancy for their customers, since this allows them to engage with their customers on a 24 hour basis and therefore enhances their reputation in the market.

There are basically lots of reasons why you need to acquire network redundancy for your customers today, since it enhances your business potential.

Why Security Products that Focus on WAN Management are Superior?

WAN optimization and management is a great way to ensure that your business stays connected at all times. Businesses today that are focusing on security products for their organization, should acquire only those, which focus on WAN management, in order to ensure that they are superior. This way, it will ensure that your business can take advantage of WAN management, while it will also mean that your business is protected at all times.

Security products that are based on WAN management provide the following benefits to businesses:
·         Quicker accessibility of files
·          Access from remote locations
·         Enhanced performance
·         Faster data recovery
·         Reliable security
·         Increased efficiency
·         Cost savings
Many companies acquire multiWAN firewalls, which actually help them from losing business’s critical data. There are lots of ways in which a business may be compromised, and that is the reason why it is recommended to acquire security products that are focused on WAN management. The products offer superior protection for the business and also help in lowering the overall cost of the business.

The best reason for acquiring multiWAN firewalls is that it can provide you with superb protection if you are transmitting to remote locations and get a lot of traffic on your networks. You can also consolidate all of your resources in one central data center, which can then be accessed easily by the WAN management security system. This will ensure that you don’t face any lag time and will also be able to consolidate all your data at the same time.

The cost of managing your data at remote locations is also reduced with multiWAN firewalls, which takes away all the troubles regarding the protection of your data and from also preventing it from getting corrupted. This allows you to save not only time and money, but also makes simple business tasks for you a whole lot easier. If you using security products that are focused on WAN management, you will find that your data has more protection and will be available readily, since it will be stored in one centralized location.
You can also control and manage your data much more efficiently, and you will also be keeping your users happy at all times. Once you acquire multiWAN firewalls, you will be able to respond to outages, data corruption and slow response time, which results in data loss and less efficiency. You will also have a much more responsive infrastructure for your users and ensure security for all your data at the same time. Therefore, if you are looking for high quality and efficient products, you should always decide on acquiring security products that focus on WAN management, since not only are they superior in every way, but they provide you with more benefits as well.

So get multiWAN firewalls for your security products today and ensure that you never have to experience data loss and outage ever again.

How to Secure Networks with Multiple ISP Connections?

When it is imperative that your business network is protected and remains connected to the internet, you need to acquire solutions that provide secure networks, especially if you have multiple ISP connections. Finding software that is efficient and simple can help you do that job and this is why you need to acquire a multi-link VPN feature that allows you to combine independent ISP connections and provides with a throughput internet access solution.

The multi-link VPN will ensure that your networks remain secure no matter how many ISP connections you have. It will ensure that your business remains online at all times and you will also acquire increased bandwidth, which will ensure that you are able to meet the demands of all your customers without facing any downtime.

There is also the question about cost efficiency when it comes to networks with multiple ISP connections, since the maintenance of the network requires a lot of expenditure from the business. This is why it is imperative that you acquire a multi-link VPN service that not only guarantees you with faster connectivity, but also greater security at the same time. All these VPN connections can be accessed easily and will also add balance to your ISP connections so that the network is not flooded with internet traffic. This can slow down your process and also lead to security issues on the network.
One way to secure networks with multiple ISP connections is by connecting private WAN links with internet links so that they can backup each other in case of any software failure or network failure. The multi-link VPN service guarantees that your business will be able to get the most benefits in controlling the traffic on your network and also ensures quintessential quality services as well. The failover times with the multi-link VPN feature are significantly reduced as well, which allows you to provide better and more streamlined services to your customers.

XRoads networks have been offering high quality network solutions for many years now and have got the necessary expertise and experience to provide your business with the perfect solutions. They can secure networks with multiple ISP connections with ease, since they have developed state of the art software that can improve responsiveness and also secure the business critical applications of your organization, even in times of high network utilization and bandwidth consumption.
The EdgeXOS appliances offered by XRoads networks ensure that all multi-WAN networks are optimized, which ensures that the internet connection and the tunnels actually improve performance and also accelerate all the mission critical applications of the business at the same time. So if you are looking to ensure greater protection for your networks with multiple ISP connections, the solutions can be found quite easily at XRoads networks today.

They are committed towards ensuring that businesses today have the latest software technology in order to ensure better services delivered to customers.

Optimize MultiWAN Network Routing for Business Critical Applications

The EdgeXOS platform offers their customers with the best path routing services by incorporating state of the art routing technology. The technology, when it is deployed in a multilink environment, can ensure application persistence to allow longer downloads, can enhance application responsiveness, and provide graphical feedback that is unique to help in monitoring the SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) that are offered by your telecommunication providers.

How does it Work?

The best path routing system ensures that you can perform testing on a continuous basis and will then be able to provide access to each WAN link that is available within the defined remote network. The best path routing module is designed to provide you with the links that have the best possible connectivity. The testing will be done on the following basis:
·         Latency metrics
·         Packet loss metrics
·         Jitter metric
When all the testing and metrics have been determined, you will then get the whole picture regarding the WAN link and will be able to get the best route available to ensure the finest connectivity. The testing phases will then be continued and you will be able to perform your tasks on the best path that will be used after testing.
There are also going to be additional alerts that will ensure that you are using the right setup for the IT administrator and you will then be able to email them in event that the link is not performing at the levels that you had actually anticipated. This is a great feature, particularly, since it provides you with the option of guaranteeing an SLA level for any particular connection.

Protect against Malware and Web Threats using XRoads ApeXfilter Technology!

XRoads Networks is offering next generation state of the art software that helps in application acceleration and web content filtering. It is imperative that organizations use secure, fast and reliable web connectivity in this day and age. There are a lot of cloud-based applications that have been growing in number these days and this is why the WEBaXcel appliance by XRoards Networks is making all the headlines. It is the first ‘Bandwidth Management Firewall’ that is designed specifically for web security and scalable link bonding technology, which incorporates traffic caching, shaping and QoS application features that have been optimized with cloud-application delivery.
Once these features are combined, they enable the WEBaXcel appliance to ensure that it has the ability to offer responsiveness, redundancy, and security. It guarantees high productivity that will be delivered to all end-users who take advantage of the ApeXfilter WAN security. Here are some of the numerous benefits that it offers to the users:
·         Web threat protection and firewall
·         Web application acceleration & QoS (with built in Automated Internet Failover)
·         Web content optimization and caching
The key features of the ApeXfilter WAN security system is the following:
·         Automated ISP failover
·         Comprehensive Web firewall
·         Web optimization and caching
·         Application content filtering
·         Application QoS and acceleration
The ApeXfilter WAN security system ensures that your business doesn’t have to deal with any threats that are related to spyware and malware. It will block all possible threats and ensure that you get the highest level of security and performance from your systems.

It has a real time reporting engine, which correctly gauges the performance of the systems and ensures that you get real-time updates regarding the status of your applications and downloads. It can also be used as a anti-virus firewall, which enables it to provide high responsiveness, security and redundancy features to all of its users.

Combine the Speed of Multiple ISP Connections through True Link Bonding!

XRoads Networks has invented the Multi-Session Acceleration Bandwidth Bonding, also known as the Accelibond. The MSA has the ability to cache response content and bond multiple ISP connections in order to accelerate the connectivity of the web. The ability to bond the connectivity across multiple WAN links and remote servers creates cache responses that are truly unique in the industry.

Improving the Performance of Applications

The MSA is a proxy application which has also got a built-in cache capability that can enhance network performance. The capability to enhance download speeds for large data files and common websites is another feature of the application. The MSAs caching ability is built-in with the EdgeXOS platform and customers can also select the state caching capabilities! The unique thing about the MSA is that it also possesses the capability to increase access to files with the help of link bonding.

Increasing the Bandwidth Available

The MSA can also increase the download speeds of the network in order to access files with the help of remote servers and multiple ISP connections. It is not like other link balancing solutions and allows you with the option of using any 1 ISP link for a single session. The EdgeEXOS platform also ensures that you can actually use multiple links at the same time for every session and this allows you to take advantage of increased available bandwidth.

Accelerated Applications

The MSA module has been designed to enhance the performance of network administrators by improving their responsiveness and speeding up their connectivity. It is useful for end-users and accelerates applications that have large data files and web-based downloads.

How does it Work?

XRoads Networks have developed a patent pending unique technology, which ensures that customers can combine 2 different ISP links together in order to enhance the web-based download speeds and to also reduce traffic congestions.

Data Segmentation

It is not like any other solution that can be found on the market and it can perform object modifications as well as packet forwarding. The EdgeXOS platform uses a service with an advanced proxy that enables them to determine the correct session bonding or balancing for the session.