Friday, November 27, 2015

An Overview of ZeroOutages

ZeroOutages is basically a WAN management service provider that offers dynamic QoS, SLA monitoring services, traffic altering services, network caching, IDP/IPS, automatic filtering, ticket tracking, intelligent WAN routing among others. In other words, it increases uptime of all critical enterprise applications by using adaptive QoS to take control of bandwidth and a few internet links. If it has access to multiple links, it can use those connections to re-direct cloud based applications on the best path.
The service uses Accelibond technology to optimize traffic and route over a number of active links without sending the data through a data center, which is typically the case with most internet acceleration solutions. The procedure leads to higher costs as well, but ZeroOutages used direct web bonding functionality to counter this. This means that it uses bonded internet connectivity to speed up web access along with downloads without the need of expensive backhauling.
The service also uses internet redundancy services to benefit from Vector Routing and Deep Path Inspection technology. This allows them to offer their customers routing rules for important applications and ZeroOutages also checks all available paths to figure out which traffic it should route to which link.
The service also prioritizes and provides bandwidth for VoIP traffic which can prevent other downloads and data usage from interrupting calls. ZeroOutages also allows the traffic to use a dedicated IP address even if the user is utilizing a number of internet providers. In other words, in case of a network failure, there will be no interruption in traffic or the need to restart phones. Besides this, the service can actively assist during network outages, reduce downtime significantly and increase productivity by improving internet connectivity significantly.
The service can also work in transparent mode but what sets it apart from other similar services is that it remains in the user’s current LAN. This means that there is no need for a complex firewall or alterations to WAN connections. In most cases, users just have to provide the address of firewall LAN and once ZeroOutages is triggered, it automatically connects to the management system in the backend and pre-configures itself as well. Once it is plugged in, there are no further changes required by the users or by the other services working with ZeroOutages. The service will then offer customer better and speedier internet connectivity along with the ability to automatically failover their access to the web.
ZeroOutages is patented and its active/failover service uses two or more links. Even if it has access to just backup links, it will use those to speed up cloud based services. The Active/Failover improves performance by using bonding functionality and offers instant and automatic failover in case of a crash. So if the internet stops working or the link fails, using this users won’t have to login back to the service. The Active/Failover will manage the issue and does not require manual intervention either.


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