Tuesday, April 30, 2013

XRoads Networks Implements Automated Network Redundancy and Improves Real-time Access for Financial Services Firm

IRVINE, CA - March 22, 2013 - XRoads Networks innovative product line now includes unique solutions for the financial services industry in order to improve bandwidth continuity for financial firms. The various capabilities of the EdgeXOS platform enable automated network reliability and redundancy, i.e. the ability to instantly failover between WAN links to maintain network connectivity between remote offices and the data center.

Financial companies that require real-time streaming applications, the EdgeXOS platform incorporates unique tunnel bonding capabilities which can, in the event of the network outage, instantly failover between two or more VPN tunnels or MPLS links thus ensuring uptime without a lost in connectivity for mission critical applications.

Additionally, the EdgeXOS platform incorporates unique dynamic bandwidth management capabilities which ensure the most efficient allocation of network resources by throttling heavy users automatically during period of high network utilization.

For more information, please see XRoads Networks latest solution guide for financial services firms.