Thursday, December 03, 2015

What is MPLS Offloading?

MPLS, short for Multi-Protocol Label Switching, is a computing approach used by organizations to improve the quality and speed of critical network applications.  MPLS offloading takes lower priority traffic (like web, email, etc) and forwards it over Internet-based VPNs instead of the more expensive MPLS connections.   This allows companies to reduce the size and/or bandwidth needs of their MPLS links and reduces overall costs.  Offloading can be done across high bandwidth but relatively inexpensive broadband Internet circuits.

How does it Work?

MPLS offloading take certain data traffic, which would normally go across the MPLS circuit, and re-routes that traffic over a broadband Internet VPN, thus reducing costs and eliminating the need to have to upgrade an existing MPLS circuit.
Making MPLS offloading part of the equation streamlines the entire process of sending and receiving data. By separating the traffic according to their importance, MPLS offloading is able to increase internet speed for the organization.

Cost Effective

One of the major gains that a company can have by integrating MPLS offloading to their IT infrastructure has to do with its cost effectiveness. According to reports, MPLS offloading can reduce a company’s cost by up to 8% annually.

Increases Network Speed

MPLS offloading can increase the network speed, making employees more productive. Since the speeds are increased due to MPLS offloading, employees also do not have to put up with unnecessary delays, which more often than not is the cause of work not getting done on time. In short, MPLS offloading allows companies to carry out all of their internet functions without having to be worried about the amount of bandwidth a particular application is using in order to get the task done.

Universal Support

MPLS offloading works well in multiple locations. The technology allows each office to use a majority of the bandwidth towards carrying out a vital operation. For example, there are no delays whenever one office needs to send any important information over the internet to another office because MPLS offloading streamlines the entire process.

Keeps Your Network Running

By using MPLS offloading, companies nowadays no longer need to worry about their internet slowing down whenever they have to carry out an important task like sending out important emails or other crucial data. In a nutshell, MPLS offloading ensures continuous internet connectivity.

Ending Note

Businesses have become more competitive than ever and the growing use of technology means that only companies that adapt can survive and thrive. MPLS offloading can be used to jumpstart both small and large businesses by taking care of all of their technological needs. The key to increasing productivity is in an increased bandwidth, and MPLS offloading can help you get there.


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