Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Protect against Malware and Web Threats using XRoads ApeXfilter Technology!

XRoads Networks is offering next generation state of the art software that helps in application acceleration and web content filtering. It is imperative that organizations use secure, fast and reliable web connectivity in this day and age. There are a lot of cloud-based applications that have been growing in number these days and this is why the WEBaXcel appliance by XRoards Networks is making all the headlines. It is the first ‘Bandwidth Management Firewall’ that is designed specifically for web security and scalable link bonding technology, which incorporates traffic caching, shaping and QoS application features that have been optimized with cloud-application delivery.
Once these features are combined, they enable the WEBaXcel appliance to ensure that it has the ability to offer responsiveness, redundancy, and security. It guarantees high productivity that will be delivered to all end-users who take advantage of the ApeXfilter WAN security. Here are some of the numerous benefits that it offers to the users:
·         Web threat protection and firewall
·         Web application acceleration & QoS (with built in Automated Internet Failover)
·         Web content optimization and caching
The key features of the ApeXfilter WAN security system is the following:
·         Automated ISP failover
·         Comprehensive Web firewall
·         Web optimization and caching
·         Application content filtering
·         Application QoS and acceleration
The ApeXfilter WAN security system ensures that your business doesn’t have to deal with any threats that are related to spyware and malware. It will block all possible threats and ensure that you get the highest level of security and performance from your systems.

It has a real time reporting engine, which correctly gauges the performance of the systems and ensures that you get real-time updates regarding the status of your applications and downloads. It can also be used as a anti-virus firewall, which enables it to provide high responsiveness, security and redundancy features to all of its users.


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