Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Most Intelligent WAN routing algorithm on the Market!

XRoads Networks offers their customers with cutting edge technology, which incorporates no less than 11 sophisticated algorithms that are designed for routing traffic between multiple networks. They offer the most intelligent WAN routing algorithm available in the market and can combine multiple broadband links, which not only increase throughput, but also ensure faster speed for applications that require high bandwidth speeds.

Best Path Routing

XRoads Networks offers solutions that incorporate MVP Routing technology, along with the Best Path Routing module. The MVP Routing allows the traffic to use the network, which offers the best latency and therefore, ensures that all WAN links are available. Using this technology, the best path is determined and traffic moves along the path that has been chosen for the link. In case there is network failure on the determined path, the traffic will then be routed towards the next best path.
This will ensure that your network applications will not be redundant and the response-times delivered to your end users will also increase. Your productivity will increase, since there were be minimal downtime for all the critical applications of your business, and you will gain the advantage of the automated network failover as well.

Application Routing

The best part about MVP Routing is that it will allow you to check specific types of applications, and will also ensure that traffic can pass through the specific WAN interface. This will also mean that there will be no end-user traffic, while you will get the right traffic, which will be determined through the Best Path Routing on all the applications that require routing policies.
There are a couple of routing methods that are used along with the latest WAN routing algorithms. They include the following algorithm metrics:
·         Administrative Weighting (Per Path)
·         Current Latency (Per Path)
·         Current Utilization (Per Path)
·         Available Link Rate
The Multi Vector Priority Routing algorithm has been designed to offer 2 basic services:
·         Reliability assurance (in case one path falls)
·         Dynamic network load balancing (across multiple paths)
Vector Routing generally uses different metrics in order to find out whether the network sessions can be routed all across the active links. It will not use simple load-balancing solutions and will perform a combination of 11 different network aggregation algorithms that will help in determining the next best path for all outbound connections. Here is some of the intelligent vector routing algorithm options:
·         Least used adaptive weighting
·         BPR latency based
·         BPR packet loss based
·         BPR jitter based
·         Persistence based
·         Application based
·         Prioritization based
·         Multi-session based
·         Active spill-over
·         Standard weighted
·         Basic round robin

The Intelligent Vector Routing Algorithm

The recommended method for determining the best path balancing through the intelligent vector routing algorithm is by the dynamic use of real-time metric information, which will determine the best possible route for any new session traffic.


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