Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Optimize MultiWAN Network Routing for Business Critical Applications

The EdgeXOS platform offers their customers with the best path routing services by incorporating state of the art routing technology. The technology, when it is deployed in a multilink environment, can ensure application persistence to allow longer downloads, can enhance application responsiveness, and provide graphical feedback that is unique to help in monitoring the SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) that are offered by your telecommunication providers.

How does it Work?

The best path routing system ensures that you can perform testing on a continuous basis and will then be able to provide access to each WAN link that is available within the defined remote network. The best path routing module is designed to provide you with the links that have the best possible connectivity. The testing will be done on the following basis:
·         Latency metrics
·         Packet loss metrics
·         Jitter metric
When all the testing and metrics have been determined, you will then get the whole picture regarding the WAN link and will be able to get the best route available to ensure the finest connectivity. The testing phases will then be continued and you will be able to perform your tasks on the best path that will be used after testing.
There are also going to be additional alerts that will ensure that you are using the right setup for the IT administrator and you will then be able to email them in event that the link is not performing at the levels that you had actually anticipated. This is a great feature, particularly, since it provides you with the option of guaranteeing an SLA level for any particular connection.


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