Friday, November 13, 2015

Internet of Everything (IOE) and Network Redundancy

It’s easy to see that the Internet of Everything is having appositive impact on the ways I which businesses operate. Basically, IoE is seriously reinventing the way in which businesses do business in general. As in, it is increasing both the competitiveness and the productivity of organizations to a much higher level than was previously possible, thus opening up new doors and new business opportunities in the process.

How IoE Technology Works

The main goal of Internet of Everything is to connect businesses to people that are located far away. It does that by connecting many devices together and then to the internet, resulting in automation and the further use of smart applications.

The Demands of IoE Technology

The use of Internet of Everything does put a high demand on those networks that have not previously been used correctly to maximize business potential. This is why important decisions will have to be made taking into consideration both the enterprise and technology side of IoE technology. This will also include extra funding for on the ground technology, the hiring of additional staff to operate the new technology, and planned network downtime.

Impact on Job Growth

It is without a doubt that the use of IoE will have a major impact on the overall creation of new jobs across many industries. According to the Jobs Report for 2014, around 252,000 new jobs were created in December of that year alone, dropping the employment rate down to 5.6%. The integration of IoE will only help increase those numbers further, since it will require businesses to hire new people to expand their skill set. According to a new report, IoE will also be responsible for boosting the GDP of around 20 of the world’s largest economies by the year 2030 by an estimated $14 trillion.
While that number is mind boggling, it goes without saying that IoE will also increase the frequency of corporate training sessions to create IoE-specific IT personnel and engineers not to mention the vendors who are only going to be focused on advancing IoE.
It is plain to see that IoE is literally shifting the industry from both a technological standpoint and from within a business as well. It’s not just helping to create a more robust and technologically advanced workforce, but is also creating an entirely new field of jobs. In other words, IoE is opening up doors for development and growth on all fronts, from IT teams to the cross-pollination of C-Suite. The only question that remains is “How disruptive will these connected devices be?”

Bottom Line

In the end, the only drawback one can see with the Internet of Everything is the possible loss of internet speed, which could hamper productivity. But, that too can be avoided by simply implementing a network redundancy system which can decrease the amount of risk you have to put your business through. So, it is possible to take advantage of the many benefits of IoE and make it secure by putting a network redundancy system in place.


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