Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New UBM10s Appliance – XRoads Networks Releases New UBM10s Intelligent Multi Wan Firewall Appliance!

The UBM10s solution has been released by XRoads networks in order to help small businesses with intelligent WAN security features, Multi WAN optimization, and dynamic traffic shaping. The UBM10s will truly transform the business operations of a company and you are likely to get solid firewall protection, malware and anti-virus suppression, prevention and intrusion detection along with content filtering as well. It is recommended for all businesses that have a platform that sustains throughput rates of nearly 100Mbps.
If you are looking to acquire a solution for your business that will help take your business to the next level, then you are in luck, as the new UBM10s appliance will offer you the following incentives:
·         Intelligent WAN Security
·         Easy Management and Integration
·         Multi WAN Connectivity
·         Best Path Routing along with SLA Reporting
·         Network Reporting
Get comprehensive solutions for your business with the help of the new UBM10s appliance that will transform your business solutions completely. Here are just some of the benefits your small business can gain from the UBM10s appliance:

Intelligent WAN Security

The UBM10s have got built-in packet level firewalls that offer malware, content and anti-virus filtering as well as IDS/IPS support for all the critical applications that your business has.

Easy Management and Integration

The UBM10s appliance is extremely easy to manage and integrate into your business systems with a built-in transparent mode during installation and also have a simple web-based configuration along with reporting features. It will truly allow your business to become highly functional.

Multi WAN Connectivity

There are other firewall products that can offer your business with good solutions, but the UBM10s appliance is no slouch and has exceptional features to offer. The UBM10s was initially designed to provide businesses with the Multi WAN connectivity. It incorporates the intelligent WAN routing feature offered by XRoads in order to improve functionality and for automated network redundancy and optimal application routing as well.

Best Path Routing along with SLA Reporting

The UBM10s appliance has also got the adaptive Best Path Routing technology offered by XRoads. It will constantly monitor all the critical remote sites and will also offer real-time SLA metrics that can update the routing tables after looking at the performance of the WAN link.

Network Reporting

Another critical aspect of the traffic shaping appliance, known as the UBM10s, is reporting accurately on the network. It will check to see if the network administrator policies are in the best interest of the business and will create new policies for the business as well. The UMB10s appliance includes both the custom user-defined as well as the caned reports. All these network reports are also updated in real-time to ensure that the business remains updated at all times.

The UMB10s appliance by XRoads is a real game-changer for small businesses, since it allows them to not only expand their services, but also ensure that the existing services offered by the business are running at optimum levels.


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