Sunday, November 29, 2015

Intelligent MultiWAN Networking


What is Muti-WAN Networking?

Multi-WAN Networking refers to solutions that can accelerate applications, duplicate data, and compress it for enterprises. Besides that, it can also offer custom support for Microsoft CIFS file access procedures and other customizations that can be based on specific business applications. In addition, it also does a good job of accelerating performance of other applications such as email and network backup.    
One of the best things about Multi-Wan networking is that the WAN manager does not have to do much to troubleshoot external WAN. Keeping this in mind, the technology is revolutionary since historically, they had little to no control over it to begin with. The tool does more than allow users to detect network problems; it actively tracks down the causes and fixes the problems before they become noticeable.
Additionally, WAN Virtualization also offers more transparency into the performance of the WAN in order to track down issues as they manifest. It can also be used to reduce troubleshooting expenses which can result in lower OpEx on the WAN.
Since the networking solution is intelligent, it can run applications much faster and better across multiple network fabric along with predictable performance. This includes VoIP and VDI Desktop virtualization over the WAN, which are just some of the benefits it offers to an organization’s IT infrastructure.
Besides this, WAN Virtualization can also go a long way to advance latency sensitive VDI flows in ways that simpler optimization technology cannot. This is possible via a sub-second patch switching for network congestion. Applications that are interactive and sensitive to latency can increase their chances of success with WAN Virtualization and ensure businesses remain within budget at the same time.
Multiple WAN networking is also incremental in that it allows businesses to grow and evolve at their own pace. In other words, if you use this within your business infrastructure, you will not have to resort to ‘forklift’ upgrades regularly. The best benefit of this technology is that you won’t need to eliminate older connections to install it. If you wish to keep older WAN connections because they were expensive, you can do so.
Intelligent networking such as this one has allowed more and more businesses to take advantage of minimal private bandwidth which can be quite expensive to boot. Most tend to combine it with cheaper bandwidth at lower cost/bits and they can also avail cheaper monthly WAN expenditures without compromising reliability. This is a much better and productive idea compared to expensive options such as Verizon or BT.
In a nutshell, Intelligent Multi-WAN networking can allow you to connect your business network to more than one bandwidth provider at the same time. Besides this benefit, the approach can balance online traffic between private networks and offer support in case one of them fails. In addition, it can reduce downtime significantly, ensure your business network remain uncompromised, protect outer boundaries with firewall protection, balance load to ensure better internet speeds and increase its performance simultaneously.


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