Friday, July 31, 2015

How to Achieve Geographic Server Failover

An automatic geographic sever failover is utilized by companies to ensure they remain online in the event of a natural disaster. If it detects an error on the primary server, it will direct the incoming traffic to another server. The automatic geographic server failover will allow the company to increase productivity even if the error was manmade.
By achieving geographic server failover, all your critical data from applications will be saved, as the recovery time will be quick and network downtime will occur less frequently. You can achieve geographic server failover by doing taking the following steps:

1.     Establish a Secondary Failover Server

The first thing on the agenda should be getting a secondary failover server. Select a server that does not look anything like your primary server. This means using a different host for the second server, and make sure the location of your second server is also different. Conduct some detailed research on the second failover servers you narrow down to use, as using the wrong one can put your company in jeopardy.

2.     Synchronize the Geographic Server with Your Primary Server

Remember your geographic server is your secondary server. You need to ask someone who is an expert at synchronizing the two servers together, preferably a network administrator. You want the same information to be on the second server as it is on the first sever. In order to make the happen, you need to synchronize the two server together. The two things that you need to synchronize are website files and databases.

3.     Tool to Switch Your Servers

If one server is not working properly, you need a tool to switch it to the next server. The tool will check the status of the server every few minutes to attain a certain response. If it fails to get the response it is looking for, it will switch to the geographic server.

4.     Establish DNS Failover

The function of the DNS Failover is to check the status script of the server, which it will do every few minutes. If you or others cannot reach your website for instance through your primary server, the DNS Failover will get to work. It will switch the entries to look like the primary server, and no one will notice a difference. When your primary server is back up, it will direct traffic back to it.

5.     Test the Geographic Server

Wait two days before you test your newly created geographic server, as it might take approximately 24 to 28 hours for the DN transfer to occur through the internet. You can test it by renaming the server status script. You will receive an alert telling you that your site appears to be down and it will be directing the traffic to the backup server.

A more viable solution will be to get hybrid-MultiWAN and session-bonding technology that provides you with an automatic geographic server failover system. Give us a call if you want to equip your company with a geographic server failover system.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Much Downtime Can Your Business Take?

Can your business survive without internet access?—Yes or No? Most businesses will become frantic when they realize a network outage is taking far too long, even for their experts, to fix. Hence, most will answer the question with a no that they cannot maintain business-related functions without any internet access. In this day and age, having a functional and up and running network has become an increasingly important tool for businesses.
Without it, they will not be able to carry on their daily tasks or for that matter, complete them in a timely manner. What’s more is that they will lose revenue with each network outage that occurs.

What Should You Do as a Business?

One thing is for sure is that you do not sit on your chairs with a frown on your face and worry wrinkles on your forehead. As a business and as the head of a business to be precise, you need to take action to understand how much network downtime your business can really afford. If your business is exceeding the data your network administrators have come up with, you have a failure on your hands.
Your business will not do as well as its competition. Well, that one was a given. Your business will lose profits, productivity, and perhaps, employees frustrated at the way you have chosen to handle this problem. If you do not want any of the predictions just mentioned to come true, you need to incorporate a bandwidth network system that will enable your network to keep performing exceptionally.
A bandwidth network system that will minimize network outages, making sure your business does not have a repeat of all those dark days with no working internet. If you do not act upon this problem now, you will join in the leagues of businesses that suffer several network outages a year.

Why You Do Not Want to Join the League?

Collectively, it has been estimated that network downtime causes businesses to lose $26.5 billion in revenue, which informs us that each business has lost about $150,000 in revenue. In fact, 56% of businesses in North America have failed to implement a network system that allows them to decrease the occurrence of network outages.
You need to shun the league of businesses that have taken no action to improving the way their business functions on a daily basis, but join the league of smart businesses that have recognized the benefits of a network bandwidth system. Another astounding fact is the impression the business leaves on their employees and staff.

Why a Business with No Action Plan Receives a Bad Rep

To put to you simply, no one wants to work for a business that suffers from constant network outages. It is annoying, frustrating, and can drive you over the edge.
On average, a business suffers from fourteen hours of downtime each year. We hope you are not one of them. If you are, do something about it by integrating a network bandwidth system that does not stop work in the middle of the day.

Monday, July 27, 2015

How Dynamic Bandwidth Management Improves Productivity

When a company begins to suspect a loss of productivity in their workforce, they need to mull over the cause. The people in charge of running the business need to put their heads together with the managers and network administers to inquire about the reason they are suffering from a lack of productivity. They need to ask themselves the following questions:
  • Are they suffering from incessant network outages during the week? If yes, how often do they happen and how long is the duration of them?
  • Is the internet backed up with traffic coming from useless applications, not important to the company’s functions?
  • Are their employees using their privileges of the internet for the wrong purposes?
  • Is the internet being dreadfully slow that it is taking people forever to perform a simple task? If yes, determine the cause.

Answer the aforementioned questions as best as you can, as you need to know the reason your employees are not able to increase their productivity. Once you have determined the cause, which can be more than one, you need think about installing the dynamic bandwidth management system to boost your company’s productivity levels.

How Will the Dynamic Bandwidth Management System Help Your Company Thrive?

If your company is unable to perform optimally and the reason is low productivity levels, you need to root out the cause for it. Even if your company’s productivity levels are on par with other companies, you still need to get the dynamic bandwidth management system. Why, you may wonder?
Companies with already commendable productivity levels should get the dynamic bandwidth management system because it will skyrocket their productivity to even higher levels. Companies with not so commendable productivity levels should without no doubt get the dynamic bandwidth management system. Let’s look at how it can help your company:
  1. Do you have speed issues? Is your network slow like a turtle? No worries, with dynamic bandwidth management system your system will be running as fast as the cheetah.
  2. Is the application you want to use to perform your work not working well? With dynamic bandwidth management system, the network administrator will be able to allocate the right amount of speed to make it work.
  3. Are your employees using up all the bandwidth, but for all the wrong purposes? If you answered with a yes, the key is to limit their bandwidth usage by managing it. Oh, and if anyone tries to do anything else other than work, you will know, as you will be able to monitor their internet activities.
  4. Are your critical applications in danger and not working properly? The dynamic bandwidth management system will sift through paths, adjusting as it does, and use responsive routes to ensure the site or applications keep functioning, even through a network outage.
  5. Are your employees talking more during work hours than actually working? You will be able to make a policy stating internet usage on a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis. You will know if they are working or not, as you will have the reports of their performance in front of you.

If you want all the benefits associated with the dynamic bandwidth management system, you need to contact us now!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Affordable Scalable Internet: How to Guide

Almost every activity carried out by a company is via an internet server. Since several people will be on one internet server, the company needs to ensure their network is able to handle such a large load. The network’s inability to handle traffic coming from all corners of the workplace will result in it shutting down or delivering slow speeds, not sufficient for employees to perform their work efficiently. Companies facing this very issue will need to take a bold step to integrate an affordable scalable internet. This “how to” guide will explain how they can go about it.

Step 1:  Choose Dynamic Bandwidth Management System

Several companies out there, for instance us, offer businesses with an opportunity to integrate a dynamic bandwidth management system, with one major difference. Our dynamic bandwidth management system is affordable, scalable, and performs extremely well.

Step 2:  Select between a Scalable Internet Connection and a Burstability Internet Connection

Which one will you select your company? If you are unsure about the type of internet connection you should use, you need to understand the difference between the two, and then decide. A burstability internet connection provides you with a specific amount of bandwidth whereas a scalable internet connection provides you with minutes. You can scale your internet connection as your company begins to grow and evolve into something bigger and better.

Step 3:  Manage Internet Speed

Next thing on the agenda for you or your network administrator is to allocate the speed of the internet to proper applications. The applications the network administrator will give more preference to include those the company’s workforce utilizes most often. The company will ensure that these applications never have to worry about lacking the proper bandwidth to work.

Step 4:  Put Policies in Place

Put your network administrator in charge of developing a policy to inform employees that the company is monitoring their internet activity. If they happen to use the internet for leisurely activities, the company will send them a warning and if they still do not adhere to the warning, the company will call a meeting. What policies you make are up to you, as each company’s corporate culture differs from one and another.
You need to follow the steps to the tee if you want to get your hands on an affordable scalable internet. You need to contact the right company to assist you with this, as choosing the wrong one and the unreliable one can cost you thousands of dollars. The internet connection that you choose will influence your company’s productivity and in the future, its earnings.
For this reason, you have to ensure you make a well thought-out decision about which company you choose for affordable scalable internet. Somewhere, out there, your ideal solution awaits you, but we think you have just found it.

If you want to make your existing internet connection faster and dependable, you need to ask us about out dynamic bandwidth management system and the many features it offers.