Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Combine the Speed of Multiple ISP Connections through True Link Bonding!

XRoads Networks has invented the Multi-Session Acceleration Bandwidth Bonding, also known as the Accelibond. The MSA has the ability to cache response content and bond multiple ISP connections in order to accelerate the connectivity of the web. The ability to bond the connectivity across multiple WAN links and remote servers creates cache responses that are truly unique in the industry.

Improving the Performance of Applications

The MSA is a proxy application which has also got a built-in cache capability that can enhance network performance. The capability to enhance download speeds for large data files and common websites is another feature of the application. The MSAs caching ability is built-in with the EdgeXOS platform and customers can also select the state caching capabilities! The unique thing about the MSA is that it also possesses the capability to increase access to files with the help of link bonding.

Increasing the Bandwidth Available

The MSA can also increase the download speeds of the network in order to access files with the help of remote servers and multiple ISP connections. It is not like other link balancing solutions and allows you with the option of using any 1 ISP link for a single session. The EdgeEXOS platform also ensures that you can actually use multiple links at the same time for every session and this allows you to take advantage of increased available bandwidth.

Accelerated Applications

The MSA module has been designed to enhance the performance of network administrators by improving their responsiveness and speeding up their connectivity. It is useful for end-users and accelerates applications that have large data files and web-based downloads.

How does it Work?

XRoads Networks have developed a patent pending unique technology, which ensures that customers can combine 2 different ISP links together in order to enhance the web-based download speeds and to also reduce traffic congestions.

Data Segmentation

It is not like any other solution that can be found on the market and it can perform object modifications as well as packet forwarding. The EdgeXOS platform uses a service with an advanced proxy that enables them to determine the correct session bonding or balancing for the session.


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