Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Much Downtime Can Your Business Take?

Can your business survive without internet access?—Yes or No? Most businesses will become frantic when they realize a network outage is taking far too long, even for their experts, to fix. Hence, most will answer the question with a no that they cannot maintain business-related functions without any internet access. In this day and age, having a functional and up and running network has become an increasingly important tool for businesses.
Without it, they will not be able to carry on their daily tasks or for that matter, complete them in a timely manner. What’s more is that they will lose revenue with each network outage that occurs.

What Should You Do as a Business?

One thing is for sure is that you do not sit on your chairs with a frown on your face and worry wrinkles on your forehead. As a business and as the head of a business to be precise, you need to take action to understand how much network downtime your business can really afford. If your business is exceeding the data your network administrators have come up with, you have a failure on your hands.
Your business will not do as well as its competition. Well, that one was a given. Your business will lose profits, productivity, and perhaps, employees frustrated at the way you have chosen to handle this problem. If you do not want any of the predictions just mentioned to come true, you need to incorporate a bandwidth network system that will enable your network to keep performing exceptionally.
A bandwidth network system that will minimize network outages, making sure your business does not have a repeat of all those dark days with no working internet. If you do not act upon this problem now, you will join in the leagues of businesses that suffer several network outages a year.

Why You Do Not Want to Join the League?

Collectively, it has been estimated that network downtime causes businesses to lose $26.5 billion in revenue, which informs us that each business has lost about $150,000 in revenue. In fact, 56% of businesses in North America have failed to implement a network system that allows them to decrease the occurrence of network outages.
You need to shun the league of businesses that have taken no action to improving the way their business functions on a daily basis, but join the league of smart businesses that have recognized the benefits of a network bandwidth system. Another astounding fact is the impression the business leaves on their employees and staff.

Why a Business with No Action Plan Receives a Bad Rep

To put to you simply, no one wants to work for a business that suffers from constant network outages. It is annoying, frustrating, and can drive you over the edge.
On average, a business suffers from fourteen hours of downtime each year. We hope you are not one of them. If you are, do something about it by integrating a network bandwidth system that does not stop work in the middle of the day.


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