Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Link Load Balancer: Maximize Network Performance

A link load balancer is perhaps one of the best ways to boost broadband internet reliability. A link load balancer offers businesses the ability to provide a single internet connection from multiple providers. If your business depends on a stable, high performing broadband internet connection, a link load balancer can definitely help. Here is how.

Boost Performance with a Link Load Balancer
With a link load balancer you can have more than one broadband internet supplier adding redundancy and ultimately raising reliability. In fact, using a link load balancer your business can achieve uptime in the neighborhood of 99.999%. Aggregating several types of broadband internet connections into one is simple and cost effective. It should also be noted that you can utilize almost any type of broadband connection with a link load balancer including: DSL, T1, ISDN, DS3, cable, satellite, etc.

A Link Load Balancer Can Help Reduce Costs
One of the ways that a link load balancer can help reduce costs for running your networks is by allowing you to run non-critical data and applications on broadband connections that are lower cost, while keeping your critical data running smoothly on top tier broadband connections. And if ever one of your connections fails, a link load balancer can switch you over to a functioning connection automatically and instantly.

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