Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dual WAN Routers: Add Reliability to Your Business’s Internet Connection

Practically every company today relies on an internet connection to conduct business and if an internet connection is lost (even for a couple of hours) your business could lose sales and productivity. One of the best solutions to reduce the risk of internet connection drop outs and loss of service is having dual WAN Routers.

Dual WAN Routers: The Effective Way to Increase Reliability & Redundancy
One of the best ways to increase reliability and redundancy of your internet connection is to have more than one. With dual WAN routers, you can implement more than one broadband internet connection simultaneously to increase performance, boost productivity and reduce possible interruptions from a carrier dropping out or going down. Today, most businesses have access to more than one broadband internet connection, being either DSL, T1, ISDN, cable, satellite, etc- you can now take advantage of an extra connection with dual WAN routers.

Improve Reliability and Enhance Functionality with Dual Wan Routers
Besides being a great way to add redundancy to any network, dual WAN routers also offer a cost effective way to boost performance. Dual WAN routers come with various features that can enhance any network including: the ability to manage performance of both inbound and outbound data, QOS (Quality of Service) a technology that ensures critical data arrives at its destination in a timely manner, intrusion detection, virus protection, support for VPN and the ability to filter the web for your network.

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