Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Achieve Reliability & Performance with a WAN Load Balancer

A WAN load balancer is perhaps one of the best ways to achieve high reliability and network performance. A WAN load balancer is a device that can easily aggregate two or more broadband connections, not only increasing redundancy to maximize reliability, but boosting performance- all at an extremely low cost. For businesses that rely on the their broadband internet connection to conduct business a WAN load balancer is one of the best ways to achieve uptime in the range of 99.999% Here are just a few reasons a WAN load balancer should be implemented into almost every business that relies on a broadband internet connection.

It’s Easy to Boost Productivity and Reliability with a WAN Load Balancer
Achieving productivity and reliability gains is simple with a WAN load balancer, because it is able to aggregate two or more broadband connections (some models are able to aggregate up to 6 broadband links) into one single connection. Since broadband internet service is critical for email and network functionality, by having a second internet supplier (e.g. cable, T1, DS3, ISDN, DSL, satellite, etc) available, you can not only boost speed and performance, but reduce downtime cost effectively. In fact, you can achieve 99.999% uptime with the ease and efficiency of a WAN load balancer- ensuring that your network will stay up & running and ready for business.

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