Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Internet Load Balancing: The Reliable Solution

For businesses that require maximum reliability and uptime from their broadband internet connection, one way to achieve this goal is with internet load balancing. Simply put, internet load balancing is an easy and cost effective way to aggregate several broadband connections into one. This solution not only ensures that if one connection fails, you have other providers that you can fall back on, but it also can increase overall internet connection performance. Here are just a few ways internet load balancing can help your business.

Maximize Performance with Internet Load Balancing
With internet load balancing you not only increase reliability, but you can also maximize performance. For most businesses, you can easily balance your incoming requests across multiple WAN links serving traffic between broadband connections that offer the best paths available. In most cases, this can be done by simply implementing an active DNS module.

Manage Your Network’s Routing with Internet Load Balancing
With internet load balancing, you can maximize productivity and your network by efficiently managing your data. Internet load balancing offers solutions for advanced routing capabilities. For instance, you can easily place less critical network traffic on a lower cost broadband supplier, while your critical traffic remains safe and reliable with your top tier broadband supplier. If service drops out or is offline from one provider, internet load balancing can automatically and instantly switch to another provider keeping you up and running at all times.

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