Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Enhance Your Network’s Reliability with a WAN Load Balancer

For many businesses a solid reliable broadband internet connection is vital to conducting everyday business including tasks such as sending and receiving email, updating web servers and using VOIP technology. Unfortunately, broadband internet connections are still not 100% reliable and can go down from time to time or experience drop outs. For businesses that require reliable broadband internet one of the best solutions available is a WAN load balancer. Here are some of the ways in which a WAN load balance can increase reliability and performance cost effectively.

Enhanced Reliability with a WAN Load Balancer
You can achieve productivity gains simply with the help of a WAN load balancer. A WAN load balancer gives your organization the ability to aggregate two or more broadband internet connections (and in some case up to 6 broadband links) into one, single connection assisting your organization to achieve maximum performance and limiting the risk of downtime and drop outs.

Plenty of Great Features with a WAN Load Balancer
Not only can a WAN load balancer help you reduce downtime, but since it adds redundancy, it can help you achieve reliability within the 5 9’s (99.999%). A WAN load balancer can also help you boost your network’s performance, boosting speed for uploading files, web access and the ability to easily manage the data of emails. And because a WAN Load Balancer is cost effective, you no longer have to rely on other more expensive and complicated options.

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