Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boost Productivity & Reliability with WAN Load Balancing

A dependable broadband internet connection is extremely vital to most businesses that rely on the internet for email, VOIP and access to web servers. However, even with innovations in technology drop outs and the loss of an internet connection can be commonplace. For many businesses looking to achieve ultimate reliability, one method is to implement WAN load balancing. WAN load balancing is one of the most cost effective and least complex ways to enhance the reliability of your business’s internet connection.

Increase Reliability with WAN Load Balancing
It’s actually quite simple and cost effective to increase reliability and boost internet performance with WAN load balancing. WAN load balancing gives you the ability to aggregate two or more broadband internet connection into one. In some cases you can have up to 6 separate broadband links aggregated into one single, reliable connection. With this capability, you can easily achieve a boost in performance, redundancy and limit the risk of your internet connection going down or dropping out.

Features of WAN Load Balancing
WAN load balancing can offer reliability that approaches 99.999% uptime. In addition, WAN load balancing gives you the tools and resources needed to boost your networks performance- easily increasing the speeds for uploading files, web access and the management of data.

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