Tuesday, October 07, 2008

An Internet Load Balancer Can Help Provide Your Business a Reliable Internet Connection

An internet load balancer is a great way to provide one, single internet connection from several broadband internet providers. Today, many businesses have the opportunity of choosing more than one broadband internet provider (e.g. cable, DSL, satellite, ISDN, etc). Utilizing several broadband internet providers to create one single stream not only maximizes reliability, but can also boost performance.

Benefits of an Internet Load Balancer
There are many advantages of using an internet load balancer for your network. First off, if your business offers 24/7 support or relies on the internet for critical applications, you can achieve maximum uptime reliability (99.999%). In fact, if one network ever goes down, an internet load balancer instantly switches from one provider to another so you experience no loss in connection. In addition, since you now have more than one provider, you can easily boost productivity with the enhanced performance your network now offers you.

Reduce Costs with Internet Load Balancing
For businesses looking to reduce costs, implementing internet load balancing has its advantages. First off, internet load balancing works with lots of broadband connections including: T1, DS3, Cable, ISDN, DSL, etc. Since you can have multiple sources of broadband, you can easily place less vital applications on low cost broadband options while critical apps remain on the more reliable connections ultimately saving you lots of money.

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