Friday, May 23, 2008

A Dual WAN Router Offers Reliability and Performance

A high quality, reliable internet connection is vital for businesses today. It can be difficult to run a business without email, VOIP and a working internet connection even for a few hours. While broadband internet service providers have grown more reliable over the past few years, drop outs and a loss of connection is still a common occurrence. For those looking to reduce the amount of drop outs and loss of connection, one of the best solutions available is a dual WAN router.

A Dual Wan Router Increases Reliability & Redundancy of Your Connection
A dual WAN router is one of the best ways to increase reliability and redundancy of your broadband internet connection. Today, many businesses have access to more than one broadband internet service provider (e.g. cable, DSL, ISDN, satellite) and by using a dual WAN router, you can now simultaneously connect to more than one broadband internet connection ultimately increasing reliability and ensuring redundancy in the case that one provider is having difficulties.

A Dual WAN Router Offers Many Features
A dual WAN router is one of the best ways to enhance the reliability of your internet connection. Not only are you ensuring redundancy if a provider goes down, but a dual WAN router usually offers a boost in speed and performance due to the fact that you are utilizing more than one connection for your network. It should also be noted that a dual WAN router is perfect for any size or type business and is extremely cost effective. A dual WAN router also offer a wide range of benefits including the ability to manage your incoming and outgoing data, web filtering, virus protection, intrusion detection, QOS and more.


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