Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Dual WAN Router for Exceptional Reliability
Businesses today rely on broadband internet. It seems close to impossible to conduct meaningful business without this technology. While broadband internet for the most part is reliable, many businesses may sometimes experience a loss of connection or drop outs with can severely disrupt a business- even if it is only for a short time. A dual WAN router is one way to increase the reliability of your internet connection and keep your business productive.

A Dual Wan Router Offers Redundancy and Reliability
With broadband internet being a priority for most businesses and having more than one broadband internet supplier now being an option in most markets, a dual WAN router offers the ability to simultaneously connect to more than one broadband internet connection. With a dual WAN router, your business can now subscribe to a variety of broadband options (DSL, T1, ISDN, cable, satellite) helping your business to achieve a reliable and redundant solution to drop outs and lost connections.

A Dual WAN Router Is Cost Effective and Feature Rich
Implementing a dual WAN router is extremely cost effective for practically any business. Set up of a dual WAN router is a breeze and since you now have two broadband internet carriers, you will most likely see a boost in internet performance and speed. A dual WAN router is easy to set up and maintain and usually come with a variety of features including: outbound and inbound load balancing (helps to manage performance), QOS (Quality of Service) a technology that ensures critical data arrives at its destination in a timely manner) virus protection and intrusion detection, support for VPN and web filtering features.

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