Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Increase Performance and Reliability with a Link Load Balancer

If your company relies on the internet to do business, one way to boost performance and reliability is with a link load balancer. A link load balancer is perhaps one of the best ways to enhance a network by increasing reliability and performance of your broadband internet connection. A link load balancer aggregates two or more (usually up to 6) separate broadband internet connections into one single stream. In addition, a link load balancer is extremely easy to implement into any network and extremely cost effective.

How Does a Link Load Balancer Boost Performance?
A link load balancer can easily boost performance of your network by simply aggregating several broadband internet connections into one. Your business can now utilize all the bandwidth from all connections- not just one, single connection. This helps your business achieve both gains in speed and performance. A link load balancer also offers software that makes managing your data simple and convenient. It should be noted that besides boosting performance, reliability is generally increased giving you uptime at or near 99.999%.

How to Reduce Costs with a Link Load Balancer?
A link load balancer can help reduce costs for your business by giving you the option to place less critical data on lower cost broadband internet connections, while keeping critical data on a top tier broadband internet connection. In addition, since a link load balancer can switch from a connection that is offline or experiencing drop outs instantly and automatically to another carrier that is offering reliable service, you can easily save on what normally would be downtime and a loss of productivity.

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