Sunday, November 08, 2015

Why Burstable Bandwidth is Just Hype?

Burstable bandwidth is not as fast as a sports car. That is just something the network providers feed to you to sell burstable bandwidth as the fastest internet of all time. Your burstable network connection is just hype and the following reasons are proof of that:

1.     It Doesn’t Generate the Same Speed as Your Car

First off, other drivers don’t ask you to borrow your engine so they can drive their car, but they do ask you to share the password of your internet. The users living with you will definitely share the internet, meaning the speed will reduce. When the internet slows down, there is no button on your router that you can press to make it fast or as they say, equivalent to the speed of the car. Hence, the analogy of a car doesn’t work. Instead, it will become fast and slow on its own.

2.     Your Provider Decides When to Increase Your Burstable Speed

Most internet providers will not tell you what their policies on providing you with burstable speed are. Since there is no definite answer to this question, experts have assumed that the internet provider closely watches your bandwidth consumption. The provider allows you to use the internet at 10 megabits for a few seconds and takes you back down to one megabit. However, this not true for all internet providers, as they may have different policies regarding burstable speed.

3.     The Duration of the Burstable Speed

For instance, you are watching a HD video that takes a lot of bandwidth for several hours. The question is — will be able to watch the video in one go or will have to wait for it load, as it will pause in between. The burstable technology has the ability to load pages in 1/8 of a second, which is impressive for web pages that usually take 3/4   a second to load. If you are watching a video for over an hour, you will reach your baseline speed, meaning you will not benefit from any burstable technology.

4.     You Won’t Have Burstable Speed All the Time

If the internet provider you with burst speed all the time, it will not be considered a burst of bandwidth. This means that they have to provide you with burst speed for a limited time. Another reason is that your provider’s available bandwidth has valleys and peaks during the day, which means that they cannot provide you with burstable speed consistently. When you need that burst of speed, you may not get it, making burstable speed really just a hype.

5.     The Peak Times of the Internet Provider

When everyone is on the internet, the internet provider is unable to provide you with burstable speed. If you want to watch a movie or work using an application that consumes a lot of bandwidth, you will not be able to.
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