Friday, November 06, 2015

What Are the Fives Causes of Internet Service Disruption?

Internet service disruption can cause your entire operation to shutdown. Getting the internet back to proper working order can take time, time that most businesses do not have. They have to make amends with angry clients because of internet service disruption.
On the other hand, internet service disruption miffs employees, especially if it is a constant occurrence. To reduce internet service disruption, businesses need a technology that ensures to minimize its frequency. First, have a look at the five causes of internet service and the one solution that can provide relief for businesses:

1.     Too Much Traffic

Congestion is one of the most common causes for internet service outages. An internet outage in this sense occurs after every ten seconds of uptime followed by about thirty seconds of commotion. The circuit gridlocks and makes it difficult for users to load pages efficiently.
Throughout the day, the problem keeps coming and going, leading to frustration amongst the work environment. Businesses do not have to live with the problem, as there is an easy solution to prevent such issues from occurring again. The solution:  control and manage the bandwidth allocated to certain applications, giving more bandwidth to the most important ones.

2.     Degraded Link

Most businesses have one dedicated link for all their critical business functions. However, the link due to thunderstorms, construction work, wind, and power problems can stop functioning with little notice. The solution:  incorporate a system that can identify a failed link and switch links immediately to prevent this problem from becoming a regular occurrence.

3.     Speed of the Internet Service Fluctuates

Sometimes the internet is fast, but other times, it is slow. This can lead to several problems for the business, which is trying to load large files off the internet, only for it to take hours. The solution:  change your internet service provider.

4.     Failed Equipment

When a power surge occurs, it fries your switches and routers. You need to outfit all the vulnerable equipment with a UPS to prevent the equipment from failing. Furthermore, keep the configurations simple on the firewalls and routers. The Solution:  Upgrade to equipment faster processing power, get a UPS, or both.

5.     Operator Fault

The operator may have plugged wired into the wrong jack or set improper firewall rules. The Solution: Check to see if the operator has plugged all the wires into the right ports and correct the firewall configurations, if wrong.

The Solution of All Solutions

Your business needs to introduce a system that offers network redundancy into their work environment. If a network outage occurs, your will not affect your employees work. The system will act as a backup, switching to another network swiftly.
Is this the only solution we can provide you with? You can take full advantage of the incredible solutions we have in store for you. Contact us to learn more about the different solutions we offer and on how they can solve all your network problems.


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