Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Tricks to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Is your internet connection causing you a headache? Do you wish to speed up your internet connection? If you reply with a yes, you have come to the right place, as here you will find answers to all of your troubles. With these tricks, your troubles with slow internet speed will be over and in the past. The tricks you need to try to increase the speed of your internet include:

®    The Problems with Caching

Caching is an option that comes with most popular internet browsers. It is valuable option to have, as it will speed up the time it takes to load a web page you previously accessed. It functions to keep track of the time stamp of web servers since their last update. If the time stamp has not changed since you accessed the site, it will present you with a stored copy of the page from the last time you accessed it.
However, there are two major downsides of caching, which directly affect the speed of your internet. By accessing a cached page, you are at risk of getting incorrect and old information. More importantly, there are over 100 million web pages out there on the internet, which means the volume of pages saved by your cache can amount to a lot. This will slow down your internet. You can prevent this problem by clearing your cache from time to time.

®    The Time You Access the Internet

Most people go on the internet starting from 5 PM to 12 PM local time. What this means for you? By accessing the internet at the peak times, you will receive slow speeds due to congestion. If you need to download something off the internet such as large file, it will be better for you to do it before the peak time when a few people will be on the internet.

®    Select the “Text-only” Option on Your Internet Browser

Do you have a dial-up connection or a sluggish broadband connection? If yes, you can benefit from the “text-only” option. Choosing this option will not affect your games or video streaming on the internet. What this option will speed up is other activities such as e-mail and browsing. Most web sites contain several graphics that may take a long time to load and the “text-only” option will eliminate the graphics. This can save you tons of time if you are visiting a graphic-intensive site.

®    Get a Bandwidth Controller

A bandwidth controller will ensure that no single internet connection dominates the network. You can divide and allocate the speed provided to each user. Otherwise, people who like to download large files off the internet will get most of the bandwidth, leaving you with scraps of bandwidth.
If you don’t want to go through all of this trouble to increase your internet bandwidth, you can always contact us. We can provide you with a bandwidth management system that will increase the speed of your internet and put you in charge of controlling how much speed an application gets.


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