Monday, November 02, 2015

The Network Benefits of Multiple WAN Connections

The function of multiple WAN connections is to ensure every user on the internet receives equal speeds. It does this by allowing one user to download a file from the internet using a single WAN connection while providing another user with a separate link. In doing so, this increases the bandwidth for each user on the internet, as two users are not sharing the same link to perform different tasks. Perhaps, this is one of the biggest advantages of using multiple WAN connections.

Ø  Who Needs to Incorporate Multiple WAN Connections?

Organizations are in dire need to speed up their internet connection if they want to complete two separate tasks without having to deal with slow internet speeds due to everyone in the office using the same link. Multiple WAN technology allows organizations to dedicate one link to high-intensive tasks such as downloading and the other link for communication purposes.

Ø  The Importance for Using Multiple WAN Connections for Organizations

Most organizations work in more than two locations, which include local, national, international, and regional. They have to expand their network so they can efficiently handle different types of business operations. Wide Area Network (WAN) has made sharing the internet connection a possibility for offices located at different geographical locations.

Ø  Example of the Necessity for Multiple WAN Connections

Company A has its LAN unified with its other branches through WAN links or the internet. When the company’s LAN accesses the WAN links, this puts the company’s personal data at risk. Hacker can easily intercept the internet connection to steal the data and use it against the company or leak it on to the internet. For this reason, organizations should invest in multiple WAN connections for their network, as it reduces this possibility.

Ø  How Valuable is Multiple WAN Connections for Organizations?

When traffic from users slows down the network, important company functions cease. A company does not have to deal with scenario and by utilizing multiple WAN technology, they will have one active connection and one connection on standby in the event the first connection is compromised. Some other benefits of the Multiple WAN connections include:
ü  Automatic network failover
ü  Network redundancy with multiple WAN connections
ü  Virtual private network
ü  Enhanced security
ü  Load balancing
ü  Traffic Acceleration and Optimization
ü  Unified bandwidth management
ü  Business disaster recovery and continuity
With Multiple WAN connections, your business will be at constant risk for losing its data. Moreover, applications will constantly fight for more bandwidth, leaving critical applications without the sufficient amount. In order to make the right decision by your organization, it is important for you to invest in multiple WAN connections for your business network.
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