Monday, October 05, 2015

What is the Annual Average Network Downtime?

According to the information gathered by Infonetics Research, large businesses lose 3.6 percent of their yearly revenue to network downtime.

What will you find on an organization’s network? You will find sensitive and critical data, important messages, and business applications. When the network faces downtime, organizations go in panic mode to get it back up as soon as possible. 

An Organization in Peril:  Network Downtime

When the organization’s network stops working in the middle of the day, everyone is a little miffed about the amount of time wasted to fix and repair it. The organization’s employees and customers face a hard and frustrating time during a network’s malfunction crisis. Here is what happens at an organization when their network goes out on them suddenly:

·         Employees are not able to access their e-mail, phones, or any other business apps
·         Customers are put on a hold while the network takes its time to start up again
·         Customer may take their business elsewhere, as the employees are unable to update any of the business processes
·         The organization’s image amongst its employees, customers, and its industry takes a hit
If the organization does not work out a solution to fix the problem for good, they will soon be out of business, as running an organization with a bad network is not a combination for success, but it definitely is a recipe for failure.

How Much Can An Organization Lose Due to Network Downtime?

An organization can lose their livelihood of income, not instantly, but slowly, if the problem persists. Here is how much an organization is set to lose from an unexpected network downtime:

1.      58 percent of costs are due to outages whereas 42 percent are due to degradations
2.      32 percent of costs is due to application issues
3.      36 percent of costs is due to software failures

Out of the three culprits of network downtime, network outages come out on top with a 58 percent.  Organizations will not be held in the highest regard with people if the issue does not subside and if no solution to fix it is implemented. Therefore, it is pertinent that organizations quickly come up with a solution to resolve the unexpected occurrences of network downtime.

What is the Solution to Decrease Network Downtime?

The solution to decease network downtime is to integrate network redundancy into their organization. Network redundancy will make sure network downtime due to outages is avoided. 

If it does occur, users will not even be aware of its occurrence, as network redundancy will switch paths instantly. It will not keep sending data over a degraded link, allowing the organization to work without stress of the network being down for maintenance.

If you are wondering where you can acquire the network redundancy solution, you have come to the right place. All you need to do is place a call to us and we will explain how network redundancy will benefit your organization.


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