Monday, September 21, 2015

Advantages of Session-Based Internet Bonding

Do you want your business to suffer, lose money, lose employees, and lose customers? Of course, you don’t. You want the total opposite. You want your business to thrive, earn money, have satisfied employees, and loyal customers. But is all of that possible if your internet is slow? In this competitive era, a slow internet signals an inefficient company.
If you do not want your business’s future to look like that, you need to do something to change it. What can you possibly do? The answer is right in front of you, and we call it session bonding.

What is Session Bonding?

Session bonding is the answer to all of your internet troubles. By integrating session bonding in your company, you will not have to worry about one of your cloud-based applications slowing down due to the massive load of people using the same internet connection.
Session bonding will accelerate the internet connection by using the bandwidth of two or more links. You will not have to change your internet provider for session bonding to work flawlessly and without a hitch. Regardless of the internet provider you have, or whether it is cable, wireless, DSL, etc., session bonding will boost the speed of the internet.
This, perhaps, is the biggest advantage of including session bonding in your business. If you are not convinced yet, here are some more reasons for you to understand session bonding’s effectiveness:

1.     Think About All the Work You Will Be Able to Get Done

As a business startup, your goal is to increase employee productivity. One way to do that is to award employees with rewards at the end of each month for doing such a great job. If your internet has been acting up lately, slowing down and malfunctioning, no matter what awards you put out there, your employees will pack up and leave.
Ask yourself, would you want to work in an environment where majority of your work is done on the internet, but you have to stay late because the internet stopped working midway. Therefore, if you want to keep your employees glued to their seats, you need to get session bonding, which ensures that the download and upload speed of cloud-based applications stays at full speed.

2.     Think About All the Money You Will Save

As the head of a business, you continually have to think of ways you can save money. You have to come up with ways that will lower the cost. So, if we told you that you could lower the cost with session bonding, will you integrate it in your company? Session bonding does, in fact, has the ability to lower costs.
Unlike other types of fast browsing technology out there, session bonding does not need a machine to re-combine packets within a single session that split between WAN links.

3.     Think About the Constant Active State of Your Applications

Lastly, the applications used most often by your employees will always be active and fast. If session bonding identifies that a link is not working, it will stop right there and choose another link to send packets over instead of continuing to send the packets over the same degraded link.
What do you say? Do you want to see session bonding integrated in your business in near future? If yes, give us call!


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