Friday, September 25, 2015

Download YouTube Videos Faster with XRoads

XRoads Networks provides you with a solution to increase the download speed of video streaming sites such as YouTube. Their patented session bonding technology enables companies and users to watch online streaming content faster than ever before. No more will you have to worry about the YouTube videos getting stuck and not responding midway, as that can get extremely frustrating.

Patented Session Bonding Technology Has Changed the Name of the Game

XRoads Networks’ patented session bonding technology is especially useful for people who have made a career out of uploading and streaming videos on YouTube. The session bonding technology has shown to increase the speed of videos on streaming sites, thus making it a useful addition for a user or a company.
Companies that spend their time making videos of their products online and uploading them on YouTube need a solution, which will increase the download speed of videos. In fact, they might also need to use the streaming sites to see videos of their competitors or get ideas.
Whatever the case is, users and companies need XRoads Networks patented session bonding technology to ensure they receive the maximum download speed so they can stream videos uninterruptedly.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Patented Session Bonding Technology?

First, you already know the biggest benefit of patented session bonding technology, which is increasing internet speed, but what you do not know is how it does this. You are able to download YouTube videos fast because it optimizes network connectivity over two or additional WAN links.
Its ability to do so is what earns it a title of hybrid-internet networking, which is a more superior version of packet-based session bonding. What the session bonding technology does is that it captures a session, and then separates it in to more than one outbound session.


To explain to you in a few words, the primary reason patented session bonding technology increases the download speed of YouTube videos is that it joins the bandwidth for current WAN links or tunnels to increase connectivity to video streaming applications on remote servers. Moreover, unlike its predecessors, it does not produce TCP packets because if it did, it would slow down the performance of the network.
If you are concerned about how much obtaining the patented session bonding technology will end up costing you, remain relaxed, as it will not cost as much as you think it will. You will not have to purchase another device to place at the opposite end to reorder packets in one session, which has been divided amongst more than one WAN links.
With no additional device to purchase, you will have a cost-effective solution to resolve your slow download speed of YouTube videos. If you are interested in incorporating XRoads Networks patented session bonding technology, you should give us a call so we can provide you with more information and reasons to make it a part of your business structure. Contact us today!


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