Saturday, October 03, 2015

Speed Up the Internet with “Direct-Web” Bonding

Has your internet run out of fuel? Are you facing staggering slow speeds? Do you want to know about a solution that can turn your internet into a fast-paced racecar? Of course, you want the solution, as without it, your company will suffer. Since you want your company to match your vision of it being a success, you will need to speed up your internet connection using “Direct-Web” Bonding.

Why Do You Need a Lightning Speed Internet Connection?

That’s a very good question with a simple answer. Without high-speed internet, your company will fall behind. Your employees will not be able to perform business functions that need to use the internet to work efficiently. Even though your employees will be able to run applications, the load of more than one employee on the internet, using the same or a different application, will slow the connection down considerably.

What Will Happen to Your Company as a Result?

Your company’s ship will gradually sink! That’s why you need to introduce the “Direct-Web” Bonding solution into your company. Once your company integrates the solution, almost instantly, you will notice a change in the speed of your internet.
If you still fail to see the positives of investing in “Direct-Web” Session Bonding, your company will not reach its full potential while other companies surpassing it. Remember, you do not want to close the doors of your company because you were not able to compete.
You should be able to provide your company with the gift of “Direct-Web” Session Bonding to increase the speed of the internet and join, and possibly, exceed the rank of its competitors.

How “Direct-Web” Session Bonding Will Speed Up the Internet?

“Direct-Web” Session Bonding will combine the speed of each link your employees open. For instance, your company has a two times by 5 Mbps links. When you perform a speed test, it will display a combined download speed of 10 Mbps. Companies using outdated load balancing technologies will not achieve the same speed, as their current mode of technology is not able to combine the links like “Direct-Web” Session Bonding can.
With the integration of “Direct-Web” Session Bonding, users will be able to browse the internet without worrying about sluggish speeds. Everything from video streaming sites such as YouTube, news, and other content will load fast. If more than one person is trying to access the same content or video, “Direct-Web” Session Bonding will make sure the download speed of the video and content remains steady and fast.

Will You Make the Call?

Don’t you want the users to browse the internet fast, without worrying about slow speeds? If you want the employees in your company to perform in a productive fashion, you need to provide them with “Direct-Web” Session Bonding.
“Direct-Web” Session Bonding will ensure they work productively throughout the day without complaining about an application taking up all the bandwidth or about someone’s excessive internet use of watching videos online. Since the internet speed will remain fast, you will be at ease, as that is one less problem to deal with.


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