Sunday, September 27, 2015

How to Avoid Network Downtime

To avoid network downtime, you need a solution. The solution should reduce the risk of network downtime, rendering it nonexistent. However, does a solution such as this actually exist? Have you heard of network redundancy? Network redundancy is the solution you seek.

What is Network Redundancy?

Network redundancy will resolve problems with internet inactivity. If internet outages are a frequent occurrence at your business, with network redundancy, they will become rare. Look at network redundancy as taking out an insurance policy for your network. It will prevent your internet from losing activity by minimizing network delays caused by sudden and unexpected network shortages. If you do not invest in network redundancy, the future of your business will be grim.

A World without Network Redundancy

For a second, suppose you do not have network redundancy and a network outage occurs. You will lose all progress made on an assignment! If you have an impatient client waiting on the other end, you can say good-bye to them, as they may not sympathize with your reasons for falling short of the deadline.
However, the worst damage occurs to plants where everything functions using an active internet connection. If the internet becomes unresponsive, they will lose a lot of money depending on how many hours it takes them to turn on the internet.

With Network Redundancy, Everything Will Run Smoothly

If you want to avoid network downtime at all costs, you already know the answer to your problem— network redundancy. Network redundancy functions like a backup system, sensing a network outage, but not letting it affect the network.
A business smart enough to integrate network redundancy into their system will not have to worry about random network downtime due to outages delaying their work. Remember, network redundancy is only one way to decrease network downtime.

What Other Steps Can You Take to Mitigate the Risk of Network Downtime?

If you want to decrease the risk of network downtime, you need to take the following steps:
1.      In software development, code reviews to reduce risks and enhance quality of the code.
2.      Before making any changed to the network, make sure to monitor and configure them to alert the network administrator of any issues detected after a change.
3.       Hire network administrators who will already have a solution in mind to rectify damage to the network caused by a change.
4.      You should have firewalls in place to protect your network from external threats.
5.      You should have a backup system such as network redundancy to ensure your network remains active.
If you want to avoid having to deal with network downtime, you should consider investing in network redundancy. Network redundancy will make sure that your network does not die and keeps running in the event of a network outage.
Businesses that cannot afford any kind of delays in their work should consider getting network redundancy for their company to ensure that they never have to deal with network downtime ever again. Give us a call if you want to learn more about the benefits of network redundancy.


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