Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Improve NetSuite Performance with Accelibond

In order for your company to grow into a profitable empire, it will install individual applications for cash collections, financial consolidation, invoicing, order management, expense approvals, and more. They might not need some of the applications presently, but installing them from time to time will waste their time and decrease employee productivity along with it. 

For this reason, companies look for a solution, which allows them to install several applications at one time so they will not have to go through the hassle of installing them one by one. The best option they see is NetSuite, but there problems do not end there. Their productivity and profit margin is still affected, but this time, for another reason.

The Reason for NetSuite Malfunctioning

NetSuite, one of the most sought out business cloud system, stops working optimally with its many applications refusing to corporate with the requests of the employee. The problem is not with the NetSuite, it is with the thing in control of making it work properly. The company is still stuck in the dark ages of using packet-based session bonding instead of deploying newest technology known as Accelibond or Multi-session acceleration bandwidth bonding, short for MSA.

How Accelibond Will Improve the Performance of NetSuite?

Accelibond holds the ability to accelerate web-based applications by bonding connectivity across several WAN links, remote servers, and then caching responses. All you need to know is that it is a proxy with integrated caching abilities. Its caching abilities work towards increasing the network’s performance, resulting in high speeds. 

What is even more impressive about Accelibond is its ability to speed up access to files opened for the first time, which is does via link bonding.  In addition to increasing the network’s performance, downloading large files, which may take a long time with packet-based session bonding, does not take a long time and can be done fairly quickly with Accelibond. This is because bandwidth speed is increased as well.

With Accelibond, Your NetSuite Will Function Efficiently and Quickly

Accelibond also provides a boost for bandwidth speed, enhancing it to 8 Mbps by combining 3 Mbps and 5 Mbps links together. It is able to do that via acceleration and ISP link bonding. With this in place, you will never have to worry about NetSuite taking forever to open. Your employees will be granted with access to high internet speed through Accelibond, which for any company trying to succeed in a competitive market is a plus. Apart from NetSuite, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Citrix, Skype, Google Apps, and other similar types of most commonly used applications in the office are given a boost.

If you want faster speeds, you need to combine your current ISP service with a secondary link using Accelibond. If you want to make the appliance part of your company, you need to give us a call. We will be glad to provide you with a quote and more information on Accelibond, the application boosting innovation.


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