Thursday, September 17, 2015

Accelibond = Session Bonding

One day, you randomly check the progress of your company, only to realize that employee productivity is low. When you investigate further to find the reason for low employee productivity, you uncover another shocking fact. Along with decreased levels of productivity in the company, employee morale is also at an all time low. 

What could be the reason, you wonder? The reason behind such an unfortunate scenario is evident; employees are not able to work in an environment where applications used to perform a task refuse to load properly with large files taking forever to download. Now, as the head of a growing company, you have to figure out a solution to bypass the dilemma in your company. 

The Solution to Your Problem is Accelibond

Accelibond or Multi-session acceleration bandwidth bonding (MSA) is an updated version of session bonding. Your company might be using the outdated version of session bonding known as packet-based session bonding. Packet-based session bonding could be the reason for your slow internet speeds. Unlike Accelibond, packet-based session bonding does not harness the ability to allow hybrid-internet networking.

What is Hybrid-Internet Networking?

Hybrid-internet networking is a vital component of Accelibond. In fact, the success of Accelibond is due to its hybrid-internet networking abilities. Session bonding takes one link and divides it into several outbound sessions. The outbound sessions are responsible for managing all the data requests that come and it is tasked with finding and choosing the most optimal and quickest route to deliver the data requests to the user. If you still do not understand the concept of session bonding, let us break it to you in simple terms.

Session Bonding in Its Simplest Form

Session bonding will let your employees surf the internet and open up applications quickly, without unnecessary speed delays. For instance, one of your employees wants to download a large file off the internet. 

Session bonding will use two or more WAN links to increase the speed of the download. It does not matter what type of internet provider you use, as it work seamlessly on cable, wireless, DSL, and more. Your company will never have to worry about delaying a task because if it does face a delay, it will not be because of slow internet speeds. With session bonding, you will have what others do not, which is increased performance and automated internet redundancy.

Should You Integrate Session Bonding in Your Company?

If you want the many advantages associated with its integration, you should. The session binding technology will combine two different links together to provide you with stellar performance in terms of speed. Furthermore, it will decrease traffic congestion as well. You will never have to worry about your internet or your download slowing down. To answer your question if you should have session bonding, the answer is yes!

If you agreed with our answer, you need to give us a call so we can set you up with our patented session bonding technology. Contact us today!


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