Saturday, September 19, 2015

When to Start Thinking About More Bandwidth

In the beginning, businesses do not need to worry about increasing their network’s bandwidth. However, the moment they begin to grow their businesses, the worry sets in to increase their network’s bandwidth. Without increased bandwidth, it will hinder the productivity of the employees. The business will not be able to perform to their optimal level, and this will cause them to lose money. Therefore, the need for bandwidth increases.

The Importance of Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the quantity of data that can be delivered from one destination to the other in a set time. The ability to send large amounts of data enables businesses to download and upload content to and from the internet in a fast and efficient manner. If, as a business, you are unsure whether it is time for you to start thinking about increasing your bandwidth, here are some reasons to decide if it is time:

1.     Does Your Business Utilize Cloud Services?

More and more businesses have begun utilizing cloud services. In order to use the services efficiently, businesses have come to the realization that they need to increase their bandwidth or else the services will take forever to load properly, as they all require a fast internet connection. Since most businesses see the benefit of moving majority of their apps to the cloud, they also have sensed an increasing need for more bandwidth.

2.     Does Your Businesses Utilize Video Conferencing?

For several businesses, video conferencing has proven to be a useful and cost-effective tool to engage in communication with clients and employees working off-site. If a business has more than one location, via video conferencing, employees situated at different locations of the office can communicate with each other. In order for video conferencing to work efficiently, flawlessly, and without any pauses, businesses need to increase their bandwidth.

3.     Does Your Business Utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

Businesses have started to consolidate their services and acquire all of their communication and network connections using the same channel. In doing so, businesses are able to manage their services and finances in an orderly manner. Again, if this is to work without a delay, they will need to start to think about increasing their bandwidth, as their internet connection will slow down considerably due to its inability to deliver several services using a single internet connection.

4.     Does Your Business Utilize E-mail?

Most businesses use e-mail to keep in contact with each other and to maintain open lines of communication with their employees. When the internet traffic increases, the network slows down. During the day, when several e-mails are sent, the internet may not be able to take the load, which will result in a slow network.

Do You Want Your Business to Grow?

If you want to expand your business, you will hire more employees to handle transactions and activities over the internet. Your network connection will slow down and in order to increase it, you will need to start mulling over the thought of increasing your network, as without it, the expansion of your business will stall.
If you have decided that you want to increase the bandwidth, give us a call!


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