Wednesday, October 07, 2015

What is ActiveDNS?

ActiveDNS is a server failover and load balancing technology that requires immediate changes to the DNS records. In doing so, it is able to re-transmit the inbound sessions to the proper network location.

What Are the Advantages of ActiveDNS for a Business?

ActiveDNS provides businesses with several advantages, and here are a few main ones:

1.     Decreases the Load of Traffic on the WAN Links and Internal Server Sources

ActiveDNS provides businesses with an ISP load balancer component, which functions to create a balance in the amount of traffic transmitted over more than one WAN links or internal server sources.

2.     Increases Internet Connection

With this activity in place, remote users are greeted with a faster internet connection. Businesses can perform their work without having to deal with a slow internet connection. If the internet connection remains slow, employees will find it difficult to perform download and upload functions and utilization of applications, both, which require businesses to have more bandwidth and a faster internet speed.

3.     Increased Productivity Due to Decreased Network Failures

In addition to this, ActiveDNS improves server redundancy, which means that if a server or network failure was to occur, users would not lose their progress. This will result in increased productivity, as less time will be spent in reconfiguring the internet connection to turn it back on. If the network administrators cannot fix the problem immediately, businesses are set to face loss of profits.

4.     Cost-effective Solution for Businesses

In comparison to other server failover and load balancing solutions out there, businesses will find that the ActiveDNS solution is by far, the most cost-effective one. ActiveDNS is an economical option for businesses who are struggling with outages and a slow network speed.

5.     Can Make Quick Inbound Route Modifications 

ActiveDNS is quick to rectify and modify a problem it senses. It has the ability to make changes to the inbound route modifications quickly. Furthermore, it can balance incoming traffic in both dynamically weighted and round robin modes.

Should Your Business Obtain ActiveDNS?

There is no other system like ActiveDNS available in the market. What makes this system intelligent? Its ability to allow DNS responses to be made by examining the current state of the remote sites, WAN links, internal servers, and other management criteria. If you want your business to prosper, you want the assistance of technology that will help it reach its goal.

When you look at the array of technology out there, ActiveDNS will stand out from the rest. You should not make a decision in haste, but ask your network administrator to provide you with a list of technologies, which are able to perform the same functions as ActiveDNS.

However, you will quickly uncover that ActiveDNS beats them all to rank as one of the best out there as of now. If you think ActiveDNS is the right technology for your business, please feel to contact us for more information on the benefits of integrating this technology in your business.


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