Monday, January 21, 2013

XRoads Networks Annouces Its Unique Bandwidth Reputation Filtering Services

IRVINE, CA - January 21, 2012 - XRoads Networks, a leading provider of unified bandwidth management platforms, today announced its latest technological innovation to its EdgeXOS product line. Unlike other bandwidth management products on the market today, the EdgeXOS platform includes unique firewall security services designed not only to prevent potential viruses and malware, but can also significantly reduce potential bandwidth usage by applications which are typically used to "hog" bandwidth.

In the wake of the latest release of malware software, which can actually take over a computer, without the end-user knowing, and then direct said computer to initiate separate attacks and/or downloads against other computers and websites on the Internet, XRoads Networks has developed its Bandwidth Reputation Service in order to specifically prevent bandwidth abuse which in turn reduces the overall productivity of an organization.

The unique nature of XRoads Networks Bandwidth Reputation Service prevents access to and from known networks which attempt to hide these type of threats. According to SANS, the most trusted security information group in the world, DDoS and other similar attacks are on the rise, and companies that are vulnerable to these attacks risk to only opening themselves to potential liability issues, but also risk a significant reduction in productivity when bandwidth resources are stolen by these malicious applications.

XRoads Networks, is dedicated to ensuring that organizations of all types and sizes are not open and vulnerable to these types of attacks and bandwidth constraining issues. Thus it has developed a long line of unique bandwidth management and control capabilities, including its unique Adaptiband technology.

This new Broadband Reputation Service is the latest in such development and works in conjunction with the EdgeXOS platforms' built-in firewall to prevent the stealing of an organizations bandwidth. For more information, please contact an XRoads Networks representative.


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