Wednesday, January 04, 2012

XRoads Networks Provides Its Unique MSA Bandwidth Bonding Solution for Retirement Community.

IRVINE, CA. January 5, 2012 - As the boomers retire, these retirement communities will require reliable and fast Internet access in order to stay connected to the rest of the world. XRoads Networks is a leader in providing fast Internet connectivity for these communities through our MSA Bandwidth Bonding&trade capabilities and Dynamic Bandwidth Management&trade functionality.

MVP Bandwidth Bonding&trade - Combines inexpensive broadband connections in order to dramatically improve network connectivity and accelerate web-downloads, making news and entertainment sites faster and more reliable.

Dynamic Bandwidth Management&trade - Ensures that everyone on the network receives fair and equal access to the Internet. No single user can slow the network down to a crawl. When a group of users is downloading large files, the DBM technology automatically reduces those session flows in order to more equal divide the bandwidth among the other active users thus ensuring that everyone has the fastest possible network connectivity.

Richard Nunez of Mesilla Valley in Las Cruces New Mexico bought an XRoads Networks appliance in order to speed up connectivity for residents and visitors. The WEBaXcel appliance will increase network performance and distribute web-traffic across multiple Internet connections, and with built-in automated failover, their Internet service will not go down in event of a link outage.

Prevent network slowdowns and guarantee uptime with UBM and aXcel appliances from XRoads Networks.


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