Friday, December 30, 2011

IRVINE, CA. November 15, 2011 - When the City of Knoxville needed to ensure uptime distributed bandwidth distribution for their critical applications, they chose XRoads Networks. Using the LINKaXcel appliance the city was able to ensure high availability for the services they were offering to the community and lower costs by distributing traffic over multiple inexpensive broadband circuits.

By reducing costs and simplifying bandwidth management the LINKaXcel appliance will provide a ROI to the city in less than 8 months. With an average MTBF of over five years, the city will see significant savings over time.

When added to the improve network reliability that the XRoads Networks appliances provide, without complicated protocols like BGP being required or the headache of ISP coordination, the cities management can rest assured that in the event of a network outage that online city services will still be available to its residents.


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