Friday, January 13, 2012

XRNS Announces Partnership with CVA Mexico

IRVINE, CA. January 11, 2012 - XRoads Networks, the leading developer of unified bandwidth management (UBM) appliances in the world, today announced it has entered into a new distribution agreement that will enable the company to extend its global reach and broadly promote its products in Mexico with CVA, one of the largest technology distributors in the country.

CVA will now be stocking XRoads Networks' products in Mexico for easy delivery and sourcing.
"We see in Mexico a market with great potential for XRoads Networks products. To consolidate our presence in the country, we have sealed this partnership to solidify our channel sales," said Mr. French, vice president of business development. "Our expectation with the partnership matches well with the expansion of broadband usage in the country. This agreement is to elevate the Mexican market to represent a significant part of our global sales."

XRoads Networks UBM product line includes a number of unique features only found in these solutions, including:

- MVP Bandwidth Bonding: The ability to combine two or more broadband connections and accelerate network downloads by utilizing all of the available links at the same time and accelerating the traffic through a number of patent-pending techniques, including multi-server downloads, caching, and compression.

- Dynamic Bandwidth Management: Monitors all active network sessions and controls flows through rate limiting when certain end-users attempt to utilize more than their fair share of the available bandwidth. This equalization of the bandwidth is performed automatically during periods of high utilization, thus ensuring the critical applications like VoIP, CRM, and SSL applications always receive the bandwidth they need and that no single user can "slow down" the network.

- XFlow Reporting: Provides detailed per packet analysis of the traffic patterns within a customer's network. Customers can see in real-time how much bandwidth is being used, by which applications and by whom. Network administrators can obtain granular reporting on a per user or per application basis to see exactly how their network is being used.

"The partnership with XRoads Networks strengthens our network solutions portfolio with products that add true business value and have a strong synergy with the other product lines that we distribute," said Fernando Miranda, CEO and president of CVA. "XRoads Networks" proven networking products will enable us to bring easy to use and easy to deploy network solutions to market very quickly throughout Mexico."

The XRoads Networks solutions are available for sale at the CVA's online store. The website also offers detailed information of the products and their applications. CVA will also be offering training and sales support for its reseller channel. XRoads Networks will provide full installation and remote configuration support for all products sold within Mexico.


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