Friday, December 30, 2011

IRVINE, CA. September 20, 2011 - XRoads Networks the worldwide leader in MVP Bandwidth Bonding™ has announced partnerships with over ten hotel operators in order to increase Internet network performance. Our link bonding technology combines multiple inexpensive broadband connections in order to accelerate the most common hospitality application, web traffic, in order to provide faster and more reliable web browsing for hotel guests.

By leveraging the growth of broadband connectivity options around the world hotel operators can save a significant amount of money by simply aggregating two or more of these connections, increase reliability in the event one of the links fails, and increase guest satisfaction rates by providing them with more bandwidth than might be possible via standard methods like T1/E1 connectivity.

XRoads Networks MVP Bandwidth Bonding™ is able to take a 5Mbps DSL like and combine it with a 10Mbps cable connection in order to provide over 15Mbps of throughput for hotel guests. Additionally this bandwidth bonding technology also accelerates traffic so web content is quickly delivered to the end-user without prolonged waits, thus increasing guest satisfaction.

When combined with XRoads Networks unique Dynamic Bandwidth Management functionality, specifically optimized for hotel operators, no single guest will ever be able to slow down network access for other guests. The DBM system automatically adjusts bandwidth usage dynamically in order to prevent any single guest from slowing down network access for everyone else.

Hotel operators like Westin, Marriott, Four Seasons, Hilton, Holiday Inn Express, Radisson, Wyndham, and Extended Stay all utilize the XRoads Networks solutions to improve their networks.


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