Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What is divese link routing?

Disverse Link Routing is essentially another name or wan load balancing, or internet load balancing. This is also sometimes called network load balancing or multihoming.

Whatever the term used, it all means the same thing... connecting two or more links (generally from the Internet) so that the LAN and communicate faster, more reliabily, and generally at a lower cost, without using expensive equipment or complex protocols like BGP (Border Gateway Protocol).

BGP is a very differnt protocol to configure and generally requires an AS number which can take a very long time to aquire. Coordination with each different ISP is also required, and it may also require expensive equipment and engineers to configure.

Diverse Link Routing has none of these requirements. In fact for most environments DLR can be configured in as little as 15 minutes. Once the wan load balancing is setup, end-users will immmediately see an improvement in both speed and reliability. Many users test out the redundancy capabilities by simply unplugging the primary WAN link and are happy to see that they continue to surf the Internet without any problems.

DLR is clearly a superior method for enhancing connectivity between the LAN and WAN. While there are many products out there that perform WAN optimization and traffic shaping, none provide a low cost method for adding both additional bandwidth and redundancy at the same time.


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