Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fluent Energy

XRoads Networks boosts productivity and reduces costs
for leading energy consulting company

About This Customer
This customer is an energy procurement consulting and technical services company that assists large corporate, industrial, and municipal entities in purchasing wholesale electricity and natural gas.

The Challenge
This year Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) were required to communicate with public energy utilities via an electronic data interchange (EDI) protocol. Since a loss of Internet connectivity in this environment can cost our company thousands of dollars in lost time and effort, it is essential to minimize any connectivity interruptions in a cost effective manner.

The Solution
After an analysis of several possible solutions, the company selected the XRoads Edge. This solution used two independent service providers connected to an XRoads Edge router. The Edge router allowed them to combine different link technologies such as DSL and T1 to optimize bandwidth, redundancy, and expense. The XRoads Edge router also provides a highly configurable set of features that helps unload LAN server functions, allowing them to configure their servers to provide highly available and redundant file serving and email functionality.

The Quote
β€œIn addition to providing us with a highly flexible and cost effective solution, the level of technical support and service from XRoads Networks has been exceptional. Their support department assisted in evaluating our needs prior to purchase, and worked closely with us to ensure that initial installation was successful.”
Michael Mastroianni – President, Fluent Energy


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