Sunday, October 25, 2015

Intelligent Multi-WAN Networking

Multi-WAN solutions are able to deliver organizations with application acceleration by data duplication and compression. Apart from that, it can also provide specialized support for Microsoft CIFS file access protocol along with other customizations that are application specific in order to improve the performance of applications in the general sense. Intelligent WAN optimization does well in speeding the performance of a few non real time applications as well, such as, Windows’ file services, email and network backup.

Benefits of WAN Virtualization

The best thing about multi-WAN networking is that the WAN manager has to do a far less amount of troubleshooting of the external WAN, where they have historically had the least bit of control to begin with. WAN virtualization isn’t just a tool that allows one to find out about various network problems and track the causes of those problems, it is able to actually fix those problems in real time before your customers even notice them.
That being said, the proper WAN Virtualization will also provide one with rich visibility into the WAN performance in order to track down certain problems as they arise and are not transient at your leisure. This is also used to lower troubleshooting costs which translates into lower OpEx on the WAN.

Runs Applications Better

With intelligent Multi-WAN networking solutions, applications are able to run faster and better over the multi network fabric, with a more predictable performance. VoIP and VDI / Desktop virtualization over the WAN are just some of the benefits which complement an organization’s IT infrastructure.
WAN Virtualization can also improve latency-sensitive VDI flows in ways that a simple WAN Optimization technology simply cannot. This can be carried out by using sub-second path switching in the face of network congestion. For interactive applications that are sensitive to latency, having a WAN Virtualization can be the difference between success and failure, especially when you think about the crude realities of IT budget constraints.

At-Your-Pace Scalability

And finally, intelligent multi-WAN networking is incremental. In other words, it offers an organization to evolve at their own pace, instead of having to put up with forklift upgrades periodically. The best part of using multi-WAN networking is that the older connections don’t need to be ripped away. If a company desires to augment and keep the older and much more expensive WAN connections, they can keep them. Intelligent multi-WAN networking has made is much easier for organizations to take advantage of the small amounts of private bandwidth, which are considered expensive and combine it with more of the cheap internet bandwidth so that they can get the best of both worlds. Thanks to WAN virtualization, organizations can now not only have more bandwidth at lower cost per bits, but can also have lowered overall monthly WAN expenditure without having to skimp on reliability, which is a much better deal than having to put all of your eggs in the BT or Verizon basket.


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