Friday, September 11, 2015

Improve Cloud Applications with XRoads

Has your organization become technology savvy yet or are they still living in the dark ages? Most likely, your organization has shed their outdated mode for communication for a more up to date one. Your organization might not need anything more than a reliable internet connection, but having one in place does not mean you will be given a free pass not to come across any internet trouble.

What Type of Trouble Could Your Internet Give

For an organization, having an active internet connection, especially during critical times of the day, is important. You do not want to imagine a scenario where your clients are not able to reach you or your sales team is unable to close the deal because the applications they want to use were lacking speed. The slowed down bandwidth calls for a solution, a solution only XRoads can give you.

What is XRoads Solution?

We are glad you asked because our anticipation to share it with you was over the roof. XRoads, a leading provider and inventor of several useful technologies, has done it again. They have come up with a solution called BGproxy. BGproxy does what no other technology can do, at least not as effectively as this does. The team of XRoads created BGproxy to maximize the speed of cloud applications.

How Does BGproxy Optimize Cloud Applications?

When cloud applications you frequently use beginners, to wane in speed, you know you need to optimize your cloud applications. You need to integrate BGproxy into your organization to increase the speed of cloud applications. BGproxy will enable your organization to use up all the available bandwidth to give your faster screen refresh time, increase the speed of file transfers, and more importantly, give all your cloud applications a much-needed boost.

What Others Ways Can Bproxy Improve Cloud Applications?

Another way BGproxy is able to boost the productivity levels of an organization is by accelerating cloud applications using XRoads very own patented session bonding technology. It does this by cutting the HTTP bandwidth utilization by providing you with images and other content locally. That is not the only feat XRoads has accomplished in improving cloud applications. 

In order to make cloud applications load faster and function optimally, BGproxy offloads traffic not of high importance to several internet connections, which the organization only uses for backup reasons. Even during a massive network outage, the cloud applications will remain fast, resilient, and responsive. 

 Why the long face? Are your cloud applications functioning poorly? If you want the benefits of BGproxy, you need to contact XRoads, a system, which will ensure your cloud applications remain in top condition. With our technology, even people who already have a network system in place will notice a big improvement in the acceleration speed of cloud applications. 

BGPproxy’s technique at handling slow-paced cloud applications has given it an edge over competitors. If you are looking for a way to improve cloud applications, you might have just found it, us, XRoads. Give us a call today so we can assist you to improve the speed of your cloud applications.


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