Saturday, September 05, 2015

Top Ten Reasons to Use XRoads Networks Patented Session Bonding Technology

XRoads Networks presents patented session bonding technology to ensure companies and individuals receive top bandwidth speeds. The innovators of session bonding technology recognized the plight of companies of working endless hours trying to speed up the internet to complete their work, but with minor success. 

That is when XRoads Networks stepped into the scene and developed session bonding technology that would provide companies and individuals with maximum bandwidth speeds. If you have yet to integrate this technology into your company, read the following top ten reasons of why you should hurry up and install it:

Reason #1:  Session bonding technology optimizes and speeds up internet connectivity over two or more WAN links. 

Reason #2:  Session bonding technology is the new king, as it has taken the crown from packet-based session bonding, as it allows hybrid-internet networking.

Reason #3: MultiWAN session bonding and routing is inspiration for their patented technology. It intercepts a session and divides in to several outbound sessions. The outbound sessions choose the fastest route to deliver data requests.

Reason #4:  In order to increase the speed of the bandwidth, it uses the combined bandwidth for the existing WAN tunnels or links to enhance connectivity to applications on remote servers.

Reason #5:  It gives automated redundancy and enhances performance by obtaining the file on download using each network links at one time.  For instance, 3 Mbps DSL + 5 Mbps cable = 8 Mbps download.

Reason #6:  Similar to packets, session bonding technology is stable, but unlike it, it is not being switched constantly, transferring from one WAN link to another.

Reason #7:  It does not generate retransmission of TCP packets, thus increasing its performance.

Reason #8:  It allows quicker application failover, as it stops sending packets to a link that is dead.

Reason #9:  Since it does not require a separate device to be stationed at the other end to regroup packets within a single session that has been split between several WAN links, it costs quite less. 

Reason #10:  Through true link speed session bonding, it provides companies with lots of scalable bandwidth options for applications using the internet to function.

XRoads Networks is one of the most reputable innovators of patented session bonding technology, MultiWAN technology, and dynamic bandwidth management technology. The company‚Äôs aim is to provide users with one of the most reliable and efficient functions of wide-area network (WAN) connectivity. 

For this reason, they have always aimed higher when producing their many patented technologies and have succeeded in their mission by developing technology with considerable advantage over traditional traffic shaping, load balancing, and WAN optimization. 

Their new outlook on session bonding technology has led them to develop extraordinary solution for its clients in the health, educational, corporate, banking, finances, government, retails, and a lot more. You can be the proud owner of a one of a kind patented technology known as session bonding by giving us a call to learn more about how it will benefit your company.


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