Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Why Do I Need Internet Redundancy?

These days, companies no longer abide by the five day rule, but most companies are finding themselves working to complete a deadline seven days a week. If the company is working for only five days a week, there will be individuals in the company putting in overtime. In order for them to keep on doing what they have been doing effectively, they need internet redundancy to keep them online and active at all hours of the day. If a link fails them and they do not have any other link to rely on, they work will be halted with the impact on the business severe.

Impact of Not Having Internet Redundancy

Several companies rely a great deal on the internet, as they need it to connect with the servers, corroborate customer payment information with banks, backup data regularly, and a lot more. If the internet connection is lost and the link is down, what will the business do? The following unfortunate scenarios below will make you understand the impact of losing the internet:
·         The company has connected its data center thought a fiber internet connection. The fiber internet connection is used by the neighborhood as well. You can hear the sounds of drills and hammer nearby when suddenly you lose the internet connection. One of the construction workers has accidently cut your connection to the world. Repairing the connection could take hours and maybe days. With each passing minute you stare at the computer screen, you lose money.

·         The company has sent a email to all its employees, telling them that no one will work after hours today because they will be backing up all the data. Midway through the backup, the internet goes down, the backup stops, and the data is lost forever. You find that out the next morning and we wouldn’t want to be there when the bearer o bad news breaks it to you.

·         During the workday, a network outage causes the internet to shut down for a while. During the network outage, a customer emails you about giving your company a big project, but the customer’s email does not send. The customer begins to think of your company as unprofessional and take their business elsewhere. You lose a potential client with your competitor gaining the client.
You do not want to any of these examples to become your reality. You need to get internet redundancy before anything major happens, and then you decide to get it, as then it will be too late, as the damage that internet redundancy could have saved would be done already. With internet redundancy, the system will keep switching from one link to another, which means you will never have to fear about losing your work ever again.

If you are interested in hearing more about what internet redundancy can do for you, please do give us a call. Do not delay it anymore, but protect the livelihood of your company by making sure the data is secure and the network is always running.


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