Friday, August 28, 2015

HealthCare Providers Need Reliable Internet

Do healthcare providers need reliable internet? What do you think the answer to this question should be? You will instantly answer yes or nod your head in agreement at the question, as you know the evolution of the technology and the internet has opened new doors for doctors and nurses. Healthcare providers have found a whole new way to take care of their patients from far away.
In fact, you do not have to be even in the same country for your doctor to reach out to you and advice on an existing medical illness, as now; they can do it through video conferencing technology such as Skype or Viber.
Most healthcare providers have already transitioned into this new age thinking of keeping track of a patient’s health from a distance and at times, even directly from the hospital. To comprehend the need for healthcare providers to use the internet, let us look at some of the reasons having a reliable internet is important:

1.     For Communication

Healthcare professionals cannot go a day without the internet, as it would put their whole operation into jeopardy. If the internet malfunctions or slows down, communication lines between a nurse and a doctor and a patient and a doctor will be hindered. Imagine patients trying to reach a doctor via the internet from another country, but not getting any response.
What about the nurse not being able to bring up the patient’s medical history because the network is down, it would create a lot of trouble. As a result, they might even lose their patients.

2.     For Decreasing Device Downtime

If a hospital device malfunctions, it will be sent to a technician. Getting the problem fixed will take a long time, not if the healthcare provider has reliable internet. Instead of sending it to the technician, the technician might be able to run diagnostics on the device sitting at the office. If it is a minor problem, they will instruct the technicians working at the healthcare facility to repair it.

3.     For Replenishing Medical Supplies

Instead of calling up the technician to ship you fluids for the device, he/she will sent it to you in advance. The technician will be able to monitor the device from their place of work. This will help hospital providers in a great way, as it will decrease the hassle of scheduling the patient to come another day, as the device is temporarily shut down.

4.     For Maintaining the Medical Devices

A problem that arises in the circles of healthcare providers is managing the medical devices effectively. The machines need to be given their complete attention, but since the information is gathered manually, the healthcare providers are not capable of tracking every device. They can make it easier on themselves by letting an internet application meant to keep track of all the devices manage them. The devices will tell them when a machine is low of some liquids, when they should contact a technician, and what item in the inventory is running out.
In order to carry out all of these activities efficiently, healthcare providers need a reliable internet, which we promise to give them.


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