Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How Dynamic Bandwidth Management Improves Productivity

When a company begins to suspect a loss of productivity in their workforce, they need to mull over the cause. The people in charge of running the business need to put their heads together with the managers and network administers to inquire about the reason they are suffering from a lack of productivity. They need to ask themselves the following questions:
·         Are they suffering from incessant network outages during the week? If yes, how often do they happen and how long is the duration of them?
·         Is the internet backed up with traffic coming from useless applications, not important to the company’s functions?
·         Are their employees using their privileges of the internet for the wrong purposes?
·         Is the internet being dreadfully slow that it is taking people forever to perform a simple task? If yes, determine the cause.
Answer the aforementioned questions as best as you can, as you need to know the reason your employees are not able to increase their productivity. Once you have determined the cause, which can be more than one, you need think about installing the dynamic bandwidth management system to boost your company’s productivity levels.

How Will the Dynamic Bandwidth Management System Help Your Company Thrive?

If your company is unable to perform optimally and the reason is low productivity levels, you need to root out the cause for it. Even if your company’s productivity levels are on par with other companies, you still need to get the dynamic bandwidth management system. Why, you may wonder?
Companies with already commendable productivity levels should get the dynamic bandwidth management system because it will skyrocket their productivity to even higher levels. Companies with not so commendable productivity levels should without no doubt get the dynamic bandwidth management system. Let’s look at how it can help your company:
1.      Do you have speed issues? Is your network slow like a turtle? No worries, with dynamic bandwidth management system your system will be running as fast as the cheetah.
2.      Is the application you want to use to perform your work not working well? With dynamic bandwidth management system, the network administrator will be able to allocate the right amount of speed to make it work.
3.      Are your employees using up all the bandwidth, but for all the wrong purposes? If you answered with a yes, the key is to limit their bandwidth usage by managing it. Oh, and if anyone tries to do anything else other than work, you will know, as you will be able to monitor their internet activities.
4.      Are your critical applications in danger and not working properly? The dynamic bandwidth management system will sift through paths, adjusting as it does, and use responsive routes to ensure the site or applications keep functioning, even through a network outage.
5.      Are your employees talking more during work hours than actually working? You will be able to make a policy stating internet usage on a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis. You will know if they are working or not, as you will have the reports of their performance in front of you.
If you want all the benefits associated with the dynamic bandwidth management system, you need to contact us now!


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