Friday, October 17, 2014

XRoads Networks Announces 4.5 Firmware Release

XRoads Networks is announcing the release of its long anticipated 4.5 firmware. While the 4.5 firmware has been available for several months, this formal release is designed to let our existing customers know about the new features and capabilities available based on our latest generation of hardware.
XRoads Networks continuously researches and integrates the latest hardware advances in to our platforms. As new hardware is incorporated within the XOS platform the software must also be adapted in order to take advantage of the hardware, this is the reason behind the release of our latest firmware version 4.5.
The 4.5 firmware is designed to work with this latest generation of hardware, thus for customers looking to take advantage of the 4.5 firmware functionality, we ask that you contact an XRoads Networks sales representative for more information on upgrading your hardware.
Beyond the hardware design improvements, the 4.5 firmware incorporates a number of new features and capabilities, including:
- New MSA Caching Capabilities - New BGP Acceleration via MSA Link Bonding - New Active Directory Integration w/User-Based Security and Shaping - New vWAN Optimization Capabilities (TCP optimization updates and tunnel-bonded caching) - Enhanced Dynamic Bandwidth Management functionality - Enhanced Routing Protocol Support RIP/OSPF - Enhanced SNMP and XML API Controls with tight ZOOM Integration - Support for IPSec VPN Connectivity via OpenIPSec - Support for VoIP Session Border Gateway controls via OpenSIP - Support for GRE Tunneling via OpenGRE - Support for Custom Policy-Routing and Policy-NAT controls via OpenRoute
If you have questions, or would like more information, regarding this latest firmware release, please contact an XRoads Networks sales representative.